The Hoya's Media Bias, Example #238

Last Friday, The Hoya provided yet another example of its left-wing bias.  

As we know, this happens frequently in what they choose to cover (or not) and how they present their articles, which are supposed to consist of "just the facts," but too often double as opinion pieces promoting the liberal agendas of the authors and editors.  

When it comes to reading anything in the media, student or otherwise, one must always read between the lines.

Case in point: this piece on Georgetown Against Gun Violence (GAGV).  The article covered an event which didn't even occur on the Hilltop and only had the participation of four (four!) students.  Most of all, it reads like a press release for GAGV.  There was, for instance, no countervailing view presented, which is something The Hoya religiously ensures happens whenever a right-leaning speaker comes to campus or a conservative issue is reported on.

Compare the GAGV article to The Hoya's slanted coverage earlier this year of the Cardinal O’Connor Conference on Life, the nation's largest, student-led pro-life conference, which actually occurred on the Hilltop.  Well-known speakers were present.  Sean Cardinal O’Malley, archbishop of Boston, gave the keynote.  Five hundred people from across the country showed up.  

And what did The Hoya do?  

They focused on H*yas for Abortion.  H4A even won the headline: "H*yas for Choice Leads 8-Hour Protest."  Read it yourself to see just how much of the piece focused on H*yas for Abortion's 20 protesters and not the conference's 500 attendees.  It was an epic fail of good journalistic practices and a case study in how not to report.  Hopefully Professor Todd will be using it in her Intro to Journalism class as an example of what not to do.

Not only were no speakers quoted or interviewed, but neither were any pro-life student attendees, just pro-abortion activist Michaela Lewis who was given the last word.*  She condemned a panel she observed as hypocritical and stated no one learned anything from it because apparently she's impervious to learning.  What's more, the article didn't mention that Lewis is a member of H*yas for Abortion, the group protesting outside the conference, and was not just a normal student in attendance.  It's hard not to conclude that reporter Emma Rizk didn't even bother to go inside and see the conference for herself.  It seems she just stood outside interviewing protesters.

The Hoya article didn't even report on the March for Life on the Mall, which precedes the conference, and drew a reported 300,000 people, in addition to widespread national news coverage.  By comparison, the GAGV rally on Capitol Hill had a grand total of 50 people show up.  Now ask yourself which should receive more coverage.  Four students who attend a rally across town with 46 other people, or 500 who show up at Georgetown after having attended a march with several hundred thousand people present?

Even our liberal friends don't think this was appropriate.  Next time, we hope The Hoya is willing to be a little less biased in their coverage.  They'll have a chance in January when the next O'Connor Conference comes around.  For those interested in learning more and attending, you can check out their website here.

*The only two pro-life students quoted were the conference organizers.  One would think Rizk would have made an attempt at talking to students who wanted to be there to get a sense of how the conference went, and not just some shill from H*yas for Abortion.  

Sadly, she did not.