TGA Alumni: We Need Your Help

This post is directed to TGA alums, so if you're not one of them, we apologize in advance. But you can click on the sidebar to the left to read another post you might not have seen before.  And as a teaser, we're posting a piece tomorrow on H*ya's for Abortion, and have a special piece (and video!) showcasing a legendary Georgetown professor on Friday.  

Next week brings even more fun and we feel confident in saying we'll be having 4-5 posts each week on up to the end of the semester.  Some exclusives and surprises are in store as well, but we don't want to give them away just yet.

Anyways . . . 

If you've at one point edited or written for The Georgetown Academy, PLEASE get in contact with us!  We're trying to but together a list of ALL past issues from the founding to the most recent.  

The reason?

We intend to gather a complete collection of TGA issues, digitize them, and then present them to the University archivist so they remain part of Georgetown's historical record.  

Though we can't do it without your help.  

Please get in contact and let us know . . .

1) Who was the Editor and/or Publisher while you were at TGA;

2) How many issues were published;

3) Any additional information you think relevant.  

If you can send us a copies, even better.  We prefer the actual issues, but we'll take scans. 

This is going to be our big project next semester.  We haven't figured out whether we'll stick with just scans and uploading those, or trying to get every issue in a text format so they're more easily read and searchable online.  The latter costs money and probably a lot of time, but we'll be looking into ways to fund the process.  

If we're not able, we're still happy to post the issues and type out the occasional excellent article and post it to the website, like we recently did with our laud of Rabbi Harold White, our September 11th editorial, and Carroll Quigley's fantastic "Is Georgetown Committing Suicide?" (which incidentally, is our mostly highly trafficked post).

We look forward to hearing from you, and thanks for the work you did with TGA in the past.