How Dumb is H*yas for Abortion?*

Trigger Warning: Facts and logic are included in this post.  Feminists with mental issues (but then, we repeat ourselves) are encouraged to have their therapists on speed dial.  If at any time you start having a panic attack because views different from yours are being expressed, please scroll to the top of the page and click here for a variety of cat gifs.

At TGA, we try to avoid questioning the intelligence levels of our opponents.  We also try to not demonize them or consider them evil.

It's a bit of a problem sometimes since when people choose the wrong side on an issue, they either do so out of ignorance, a deficit in their thinking, or they actually know they're on the wrong side and choose to stay on it anyways because they envision some personal benefit, (politicians, for instance, or those who habitually commit crimes).  Being ignorant or making cognitive errors aren't immediately concerning, since we're all ignorant about many things and ignorance does not equal stupid.  And at times we all make mistakes in our thinking for a variety of reasons, such as a lack of time or the use of mental shortcuts.

An issue only arises when a consistent pattern develops over time.  When an individual, or group, repeatedly engages in stupid behavior, it causes others to wonder about their abilities to think and reason appropriately, though as a society we are often times too polite to mention it or are incentivized against talking about it.

Enter the feminists at H*yas for Abortion.


Now Georgetown's a Catholic school.  Even the leaders and members of H*yas for Abortion admit it.  And because it's a Catholic school one would think everyone except those who are vehemently anti-Catholic would have no problem allowing the University the freedom to live out its religious mission and follow Church teachings.  After all, nobody is forced to attend Georgetown.  People choose to come to the Hilltop.  They are not kidnapped and held captive on-campus.  

What is more is Georgetown, as we've noted elsewhere, has historically been open to non-Catholics and doesn't slam its religious doctrine or morals down the throats of others. The only rule about sex on the Hilltop is you don't commit sexual assault.  And the only rule about discussion is it be respectful.  The administration also doesn't like when crimes are committed.  Other than those three things, attending Georgetown is more or less a moral and ethical free-for-all.

To get a sense of how open Georgetown is, consider for a moment that there appears be a majority of non-Catholics among the faculty and students.  Though it's a Catholic school, Georgetown caters mainly to non-Catholics.  And of course, we all know the majority of professors and administrators are liberals and progressives, many of whom are hostile to religion.  So it's not like Georgetown is screwing over or otherwise harming non-Catholics.  

Georgetown, like every other institution on the planet, does require students, faculty, etc., to comport to certain behavioral norms, which like we said, pretty much only entails being respectful of others and not committing crimes.  Like all institutions Georgetown has some additional norms peculiar to its nature and mission.  Among these is the desire to not provide funding or access to benefits to organizations which “foster hatred or intolerance of others because of their race, nationality, gender, religion or sexual preference, or are inconsistent with acceptable conduct at an American university committed to the Roman Catholic moral tradition.”   

But that's a restriction the University places on itself, and not others.  

Now you don't have to be Catholic to accept that Georgetown should be allowed to live true to its mission, just like you don't have to be Jewish, or Muslim, or black, or female, to accept that universities founded with those groups in mind should be allowed to live true to their founding purposes.  

All you have to be is a normal and decent human.  

The truth is that if you want to use a condom or get an abortion, you're free to do so and the University won't do a single thing to stop you.  All that is being asked is the Catholic Church, of which Georgetown is a part, not be forced to promote, provide, or fund them.  

The only thing left-wing feminists at H*yas for Abortion have to do is refrain from imposing their morality on others, specifically, Catholics at Georgetown.  

To put it another way, be normal, decent humans.  Stop acting like fascist, Catholic-hating bigots who want to force others to violate their religious beliefs.  

There's another angle to this issue that we find hypocritical.  Feminists and abortionistas like the womyn at H4A are always talking about being left alone and free to choose what to do with their own bodies.  

At TGA, we agree.  Do what you want with them.  

How can we say all that?  Simple: at TGA, we're not all pro-life.  Some of us are big fans of the death penalty and believe abortion should be legal up to a point.  Other members hate both the death penalty and abortion and actively work to end both. 

But the one thing we all agree on is Georgetown should be given the respect, dignity, and freedom, to live out its mission and remain faithful to the Church to which it belongs.  

All that is being asked is that the members of H*yas for Abortion extend to Georgetown the same freedom and respect they demand for themselves.

It's not that difficult.  Like we said, it's what normal, decent people do.

Anyways, let's go back to the header: do we think the membership of H*yas for Abortion is stupid?  Frankly, it's something we didn't even consider until this happened . . .

So brave!  So fierce! The womyn leading H*ya's for Abortion's sure are strong!

So brave!  So fierce! The womyn leading H*ya's for Abortion's sure are strong!

Like two-year-olds, they blocked us on Twitter.  Very mature.  We found it a bit silly (and alright, stupid) since H*yas for Abortion made a ton of noise last year about having a voice on-campus and the importance of dialogue.  It is also a bit, well, useless, because all one needs to do to see their tweets is open up an incognito window, and voila, the tweets are accessible once again.  

We found it weird, most of all, since we hadn't done anything to them besides write two blog posts (here and here) about how after 25 years they're getting funding from the University once again. We also tweeted these posts out to a bunch of Catholic media organizations, bishops, and Catholic twitter personalities with large numbers of followers, who we think may want to investigate and write a story about it.

When you combine this with last year's fake controversy over free speech at Georgetown after H*yas for Abortion was politely asked to move their protest from public property and onto Copley Lawn, it does seem they are making a lot of errors in thinking.  Or perhaps they're just ignorant?  As we noted at the time, there's this document that exists called the United States Constitution, and perhaps they should familiarize themselves with it.

So what's the bottom-line?  

Do we think H*yas for Abortion's membership is full of morons?  Not possible, you think, after all, they're here at Georgetown, so they have to be pretty smart, right?

Not exactly.

In the interest of being charitable, we'll let you consider the facts and arrive at a conclusion on your own.  The one thing we will say is H*yas for Abortion is unreasonably hostile and wildly hypocritical due to their attempts at denying fundamental religious freedoms to the University and Catholics at Georgetown. 

Finally, if H4A's membership hates the University and Catholics so much they feel the need to force them to violate deeply held religious tenets (which every H*yas for Abortion member knew about prior to arrival), then the feminists at H4A should leave for another school which lacks a mission they apparently find so revolting.  Your presence isn't required and Georgetown will be both fine, and better off, without your bigotry.  

*So obviously we know we're attributing a human characteristic to something non-human.  It's a literary device called personification.  Deal with it.

Tomorrow we take a look at The Voice's political attitudes survey.