The Month in Review

We did well in October.

The above screen shot, taken shortly after midnight, shows a significant increase in readership from September (the drop represents today, November 1st).  We've also had over 30 comments on our posts in the last two weeks (more we suspect than either The Hoya or The Voice), the majority in regards to this one, which incidentally, accounts for close to 2,500 page views.

Our Facebook page, started only a few weeks ago, is almost at 200 likes, and there have been dozens of comments and robust discussion there (and elsewhere) about the articles we've posted (not all of which are from The Georgetown Academy).  We've amassed nearly one hundred Twitter followers and have been retweeted by professors and a couple national groups.

We've also received several emails, both good and bad.  One implied we're crazy and advised us to remember to engage in "self-care" and stop being so "angry" and "unhappy," because apparently that's what you are when you dare to go against the prevailing zeitgeist.  A few just said nice work and to keep at it.

We value all comments and engagements.  At TGA, we seek to provide an alternative opinion for the Hilltop community, one which isn't found in other Georgetown media or within many classrooms, and certainly not among the social justice warriors or the administration.  So it's heartening to know our work is appreciated and being talked about.

This week we'll have posts on attempts at punishing speech and expression, a recent Hoya opinion column mentioning TGA in reference to LGBTQ History month, a video on the diversity scam, and some thoughts on the Catholic mind.  Later in November we'll be publishing a few Georgetown history pieces, reprints of TGA articles alumni have sent us, a commentary on anonymity, and more new content as the semester unfolds.

In addition to all that we'll be reviewing an excellent post by Provost Robert Groves from his aptly named The Provost's Blog, and have an exclusive excerpt from William Peter Blatty's petition to Rome concerning Georgetown's continued refusal to follow Ex Corde, the papal encyclical on Catholic higher education, and which was sent to us by an alum (who we should note has contributed neither money, writing, or time to this website, though he has offered encouragement).  We've even been discussing posting our contributors list, and may do so as early as next week.  No doubt liberals, feminists, and SJW hatemongers will be thrilled, since they'll have targets at which to direct their ire.

Thanks to all our readers (and haters) for helping make The Georgetown Academy a success so quickly.  Most of all, we want to thank those who have contributed in the form of ideas, editing, content and getting the word out.  We wouldn't be where we're at now without you.

We're hoping to do even more.  Remember, you're always going to get left-wing news and opinion at The Hoya and The Voice, (though we do admit you'll find the occasional libertarian/conservative op-ed at the former), so take a moment to consider joining us if you're a believer in diversity of ideas.  

We're a community blog and tight-knit group, but come May 2016, all this disappears unless some new folks join the fold.  Our subscription for the software and hosting fees are paid up until next August, so we may just keep it around for historical reasons after that since our monthly costs are less than the price of two salads at Hilltoss.  But the writing will stop. And truth be told, our posting may slack off next semester because we're working on a plan to elect Cthulhu to GUSA.

So if you're thinking about joining (and if you're a libertarian, conservative, objectivist, or pro-Catholic member of the Georgetown community, you should be thinking about it), then please get in touch.  As always, you're free to contribute as much, or as little, as you wish, and have the option of choosing whether or not to remain anonymous.  Some great things are being planned and as the last month has shown, you'll be making an impact.  Important work remains, and we hope you'll come along for the ride.

Hoya Saxa!