Jack DeGioia Speaks

In the last ten days President Jack DeGioia has given sit-down interviews to The Hoya and The Voice in which he discusses, among other things, Pope Francis, the University's Catholic identity, campus construction, sexual assault policies, and athletics.

The Voice interview is a little better done and more in-depth than The Hoya's, (apparently writers at The Hoya have never heard of the term "follow-up question"), but both lack the main question any student journalist worthy of the name should ask: why is tuition so high and what are you doing to reduce it?  

Since it seems to be interview week in Hilltop media, we've put together five questions we'd like President DeGioia to answer.  Here we go . . . 

  1. Is Georgetown in compliance with the papal encyclical Ex Corde Ecclesiae which authoritatively states the requirements for a university to be considered authentically Catholic?
  2. Who is the ultimate authority on campus: yourself, the Board of Directors, the Corporation, or the Catholic Church?  
  3. GUSA recently allocated University funds to provide on-campus storage space for H*yas for Choice so they may store condoms, materials promoting abortion services, and other items which support their on-campus activism.  An article last semester in The Hoya also quotes H*yas for Choice President Abby Grace revealing that  “a large portion of our operating costs are funded by GUSA Fund.”  The money GUSA has allocated to and in support of H*yas for Choice comes from a mandatory student fee collected by the University and which is housed in a University bank account overseen by University employees, the most senior of which is you.  Do you approve of GUSA’s action, and if not, will you to ensure University funds do not go to supporting abortion, which the Catholic Church opposes? 
  4. Why is tuition so high and what are you doing to reduce it? 
  5. You haven’t spoken against or in favor of the Diversity Requirement recently passed by the Main Campus Executive Faculty, and which is awaiting approval from Georgetown’s Board of Directors.  Are you for, or against, the requirement?

We've gone ahead and emailed these questions to President DeGioia's office.  We'll let you know if he answers them.