Further Readings on the Social Justice Warrior

We know we hit a nerve a couple weeks ago with our review of last year’s SJW shenanigans because we just got an email about it, so we want to take a moment and recommend some further reading. Here are three sources we like and which provide the necessary perspective.

First, there’s this brilliant piece by a fair-minded liberal writer who agrees with many SJW beliefs but is disgusted by their rhetoric and aggressiveness.  It’s long but the best of the bunch and gives a great overview of their mindset, tactics, and goals.  It was written during his senior year at NYU.

Second, an article published last semester in the Harvard Crimson and written from the perspective of a current undergraduate who is a person of color and identifies as a liberal.  It’s a good source for understanding the negative effect SJWs can have on college campuses like Georgetown.

Finally, check out D.C.-native Roosh V’s take down of SJWs.  We don’t agree with everything he’s written, but it’s one of the internet’s most comprehensive and widely read discussions of the SJW phenomenon.

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