Wanted: An Editor-in-Chief for TGA

We're looking for someone to take over the keys to The Georgetown Academy.  It's a great opportunity for a libertarian or conservative (or objectivist) who wants to to shape discussions at Georgetown while countering the Hilltop's liberal media scene.  

Over the years TGA has been the locus for the conservative movement at Georgetown and has led several campaigns which have resulted in changes by the administration.  More are being planned, and we're looking for you to join us in the effort.  

We stand against the politicizing of the curriculum and for the airing of diverse ideas, even if they cause a few weak-minded individuals to seek out a "safe space."

We think the tuition is too damn high and its annual increase needs to stop.  Getting rid of some useless administrative positions would be a great start.

We believe that if the University is going to call itself a Catholic school then it should be, well, Catholic.  That the administration takes a "Cafeteria Catholic" approach in its acceptance of Church teaching is something we think ought to be exposed and fought against.

We think the overwhelmingly leftist bias found in campus publications, administration policies, and among professors, is something to be challenged and called out with great frequency.

If you agree, then come join us!

There are several benefits to leading TGA.  

First you'll be making a difference by advancing libertarian, conservative, and pro-Catholic views and policies on-campus.  There's more than the one side to the biased story you're reading in The Hoya and The Voice.  With TGA you'll have a platform to show it.  

You'll also be able to hone your critical thinking and writing skills, both of which will be of great value in your post-Georgetown career.  There's also the chance to get some leadership and organizational management experience.  

And with the title of "Editor-in-Chief" of Georgetown's only right-leaning student publication, you'll have first dibs on most of the opportunities available to libertarian and conservative college students in America.  These conferences and programs will introduce you to other like-minded students throughout the country in addition to well-known libertarian and conservative media personalities.  Best of all, these events are pretty much all free.

Perhaps most importantly, you'll make some new friends who will be able help you with putting out the best possible product.  As we've said before, TGA is like a family with an extensive network of alumni who work across the globe, and many of whom reside in D.C. and can help with navigating your personal and professional life beyond Georgetown.  If you're looking to work in the libertarian or conservative movements after gradation, then there is no better organization you can join while on the Hilltop.

The position of Editor-in-Chief is open to any student (undergraduate or graduate) interested in taking the reins.  The key requirements are that you care about Georgetown and are willing to work hard to make TGA a success.  It's a great time get on-board as we're just reviving after a period of dormancy and a vacuum quite obviously exists for right-leaning thought among the campus press.

Before applying, be sure to familiarize yourself with our views, which you can do by checking out our Arguments & Ideas page.  If you've read a few of the books on our Bookshelf, then even better.  Look at our Submissions page and check out our blog archive this semester to get a sense of our style and content.

The major responsibilities will be recruiting writers and editing their content, in addition to producing some of your own.  You'll be assisted and mentored in this if you don't have experience already.  Promoting TGA will also be necessary so as to get as wide a readership as possible.  Funding is in place to produce a print version, which would require articles longer than your typical blog post, but that will come with time and isn't the most immediate concern.  The main thing is recruiting and producing web content. 

Click here to get in contact and join up.