Wanted: Writers for TGA

Is something happening at Georgetown that you’re interested in, or do you have an idea you’re passionate about and think needs a greater amount of attention on the Hilltop?   

If so, then write about it for us.  It doesn't take long.  Of course it depends on what you choose to write about and how long you go on for, but in querying our our writers it seems the average post usually only takes an hour or two.    

We've been scoring a couple hundred visits a day, but last month hit it big with some controversial posts which scored us over two thousand visits in a single day.  Now that doesn't add up to the The Hoya's 22.5K a week, but we're only two months old whereas The Hoya has been around nearly a century.  Nonetheless, as Georgetown's only non-liberal pub, and one that's been posting Monday-Friday pretty consistently and is able to report quickly on fast-breaking events, we expect to continue to growing.

But we need your help to do it.

We’re accepting content for our blog (keep it to around 600-800 words) and longer articles we intend to publish in a future print edition, though if we can’t make that happen we’ll post the pieces online.    

To start, we recommend reading our Submissions and Arguments & Ideas pages before you put hand to keyboard and start churning out content.  Doing so will familiarize you with our writing style and editorial policy. 

We're looking for news about that either doesn't get covered or is written about in a biased way by The Hoya and The Voice.   If your organization is sponsoring an event, let us know and we'll promote it here and to our social media followers.  

We're also looking for commentary and book reviews on topics relevant to the Hilltop.  

And if you read an article in the libertarian, conservative or mainstream (liberal) press, and think there's a way to tie it into a post relevant to Georgetown, then that works too.  The sidebar to the right has a bunch of places you can go for ideas.

Feel free to pitch any ideas you have.  We can help you sharpen them before the writing begins and suggest places you may want to look for further research.  We also have some ideas of our own for blog posts and articles that just need someone willing to write them, so don't think you need an original idea of your own to get started.  We'll be putting these together in a list and posting them soon.

Finally, if you want use a nom de plume instead of your name, that’s cool too.  The men who wrote America's greatest work of political philosophy, The Federalist Papers, did it, as have many other men and women of renown when cultural conditions made it a smart move.  We understand doubleplusbadthink can get you in trouble, so we don’t have a problem maintaining one's anonymity.  That fact is ideas are what matters and should be judged on their own merits, irregardless of the people behind them.  


So click here to send us an email and let us know you’re interested. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

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