The Diversity Scam

Since we revived this semester one of the things we've hit on more frequently than not is the "diversity" scam various leftist groups have tried to foist upon the studentry.  Their efforts have little to do with intellectual diversity and are more about playing the victim, making excuses, and perpetuating the narrative that America in general, and Georgetown in particular, is a racist, sexist, and homophobic place filled with "systems of oppression" where everyone except rich straight white males are persecuted and discriminated against. 

The "diversity" hustlers do this to win cash and prizes.  These include things like high-paying administrative positions (an excessive amount of unnecessary and constantly growing number of administrators is the primary reason why tuition is so high), funding, and special programs, none of which add much value to your average student's educational experience, but which make one identity group or another feel better about themselves in the short-term, while handicapping them in the long-term.

There are many pitfalls to buying into the "diversity" movement, aside from wasting one's time and money.  For true believers, the biggest problems are the development of a sense of entitlement and the engendering of a sense of victimhood that often leads to hatred for those who they think are more privileged.  It also destroys one's sense of perspective.  As we've said before, the truth is EVERY GEORGETOWN STUDENT is incredibly lucky to be on the Hilltop and not stuck in a war zone or impoverished country.  

Perhaps worst of all, the various identity groups taking part in the "diversity" scam engage in self-sabotage when it comes to improving, since every failure or setback is attributed to discrimination or "systems of oppression," as opposed to the fact the individual likely made a mistake, was out-competed, didn't work hard enough, or can't get along with others.

At any rate, we found the above video which lays out the problems with the "diversity" movement on college campuses in America.  For our own take on the matter, click here.  

If someone is interested in doing an article on this, let us know.  There are numerous ways to go about it and the effort would prove informative for everyone.

One may begin, for example, by taking a look at the number of administrators in the diversity bureaucracy (did you know one of Georgetown's highest-paid employees, making about a quarter mil, is the VP for Institutional Diversity, Equity and Special Treatment?). The next step would be examining the budgets and outputs of the University's "diversity" infrastructure, then analyzing the variety of special preferences and programming available. 

It's worth examining how all the special programs and funding go to identity groups who shout the loudest, but whose activities lack intellectual diversity, and are nothing more than echo chambers for left-wing thought and the professional victims whose primary missions appear to be garnering more power, attention, and resources for themselves (as opposed to the groups they claim to serve), and who are increasingly pitting Hoya against Hoya.

One might also inquire as to where the "affirmative action" is for traditional Catholic and conservative professors who are a hidden minority on campus and are not at all represented according to their numbers in the larger society.  

Another angle is to look at SAT profiles broken down by demographics, but the administration keeps this secret and we've been told shreds any documentation (they once looked at punishing a student at the law school who worked in the admissions office and reported on it), though you could look at national stats.  

But be careful, for as Andrew Cornblatt, Dean of Admissions at the law school noted a couple years ago in The Washington Post: “It does bear saying that this is a tough issue, a sensitive issue.  Almost radioactive.”   In other words, you might get punished.

We've literally been saying "je suis deelaaan!" in fake french accents to each other for the last hour

We've literally been saying "je suis deelaaan!" in fake french accents to each other for the last hour

Remember, if you're going to address the issue honestly, you may want to use a pseudonym, whether it is with us or The Hoya or The Voice.  

Because intellectual fascism.

As we are continually reminded, independent thought can lead to protests and subject you to a hate mob, cause you to be threatened by administrators in CSE, subject you to attacks about your post-Georgetown career, lead to organizational meetings about how to stop you, have false stories printed about you in The Hoya, and even expose you to threats of physical violence from others who don't like what you say.    

And that's just at Georgetown.

Out in the real world, its happens time and again, and again, and again, and again, and again (like, seriously, we could go on and on and on if we wanted).  And in Europe, where free speech is not considered a human right, you might even go to jail.

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