TGA TV: Video Uno

Every week or so we’ll be posting a short video that quickly and concisely lays out some key ideas and arguments we think educated people should be familiar with.  These will come from a variety of sources and (trigger warning!) will include healthy doses of real talk along with facts that liberals and social justice warriors probably don’t want you to hear. 

Some of the presenters in the videos we have lined up have had protests occur when they’ve come to speak on-campus, and others would no doubt experience the same were they to visit.  We recommend watching the video and sending it to anyone you think capable of having a reasoned conversation with and then at some time during the weekend discussing its content.  After all, intellectual dialogue and debate are two of the primary reasons to attend college in the first place.

Our first stars long-time Washington Post columnist and Pulitzer Prize Winner George Will.   In this video from Prager University, he gives the commencement address “students will never hear.”  We think it’s especially interesting for new Hoyas to watch.  Remember it, and when a little less than four years from now you graduate, examine how accurate it is or isn’t.

Here’s the video:

A final note: we have it on good authority that over the years multiple Georgetown students have served as research assistants to Mr. Will, who we’re told maintains an office within walking distance of campus.  We don’t know him, though we know people who do, so if you’re interested, let us know and we’ll see if we can put you in touch with someone who might give you some insight into the selection process.  We’ve got no clue how it works or if he still takes on Hoyas as assistants, but the nice thing about TGA is we know many in D.C.’s libertarian and conservative circles who we can rely on for assistance on this and other matters.