Homecoming Weekend 2015

Update:  We originally stated the Hamilton Debate would start at 1PM, when it's actually starting at 2PM.  We apologize for the error.

Homecoming starts tomorrow.  You can see the official program here.  

A few interesting talks are scheduled on Friday and involve some of the University's more interesting professors.  There's also a bunch of receptions for alumni and students of various clubs, a great chance for both groups to get to know each other.

We want to highlight the Philodemic Society's annual Hamilton Debate, which will be held Sunday at 2PM in the Philodemic Room (2nd Floor of Healy).  

This year's topic is: "Universities should encourage the use of trigger warnings."  

The Atlantic recently published a piece on trigger warnings in American higher education.  It was co-written by Greg Lukainoff, the CEO of The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education.  The FIRE is one of the organizations we have listed under our "Worthwhile Organizations" sidebar, and they've been a  friend to TGA over the years whenever we've had our press runs stolen by leftists and social justice warriors who get frightened whenever someone thinks differently than them.  

BTW, not only is your modern day leftist scared of ideas, but they're scary too.  One anonymous (and liberal) professor wrote an article in the liberal Vox that he self-censors in class and is afraid to challenge his liberal students with challenging ideas because of the punitive actions the more radical among them will take.

Georgetown recently had it's own "trigger warning" problem last semester when some feminists affiliated with the left-wing, anti-Catholic Womyn's Center, held a protest at a College Republicans event featuring Christian Hoff Sommers.  

We have the pictures, and the video, here.

The Hoyettes involved set up a nearby "safe room" in response and posted "trigger warnings" in addition to holding signs up during the speech.  

And that wasn't the end of it.

After it was over, a video of the speech was posted, causing Center for Student Engagement administrator Lauren "Gags" Gagliardi (email her), who apparently doesn't understand how the internet works or understand her own employer's Speech and Expression policy, threatened the College Republicans to get it taken off YouTube.  

Her efforts backfired and instead resulted in lots of national media attention, a certain amount of embarrassment to Georgetown, and once again, confirmation that the Center for Student Engagement under the leadership of Erika Cohen Derr (Gags's boss, email her ) is hostile to free speech on-campus.

TGA has written to both Derr and Gags in regards to the their efforts at silencing speech at Georgetown, but neither bothered to comment.