Fascists at Georgetown

Yet another travesty at Georgetown.

Like Mizzou and Yale, Georgetown’s spirit and unique character is being suppressed by a radical agenda – outlined by militant beliefs and arguments.  Besides being accused of being a racist, homophobic, and elitist place, this once great institution must now be castigated for being sexist and turning a blind eye to fascism. 

Yesterday Vita Saxa, the far-right, extremist organization, held what can only be described as a hate rally in Red Square.  The organization, which often partners with the paramilitary, far-right Knights of Columbus, (note its name ending in us), has links to the Roman and Greek empires, much as the fascist Mussolini did, (also an Italian).

In Red Square, the hate group not only set up its “table” but also a number of bright pink, “six-foot-tall shame apparatuses.”  Each apparatus displayed startling “facts” and “statistics” detailing the activities of Planned Parenthood, an organization that plans parenthood.  

The pro-opressioners made claims that were, frankly, outlandish.  We are now told Planned Parenthood (“PP”) performs over 800 abortions a day, that 94% of pregnant women who visit PP get abortions, and that a majority of Americans reject federal funding of PP.  

Yet, when pressed for the sources of these “facts” the pro-oppressioners could only name such dubious sources as the records of PP itself and a group called CNN.

Hatefully “manning” the Vita Saxa table was a hateful woman from so-called Students for Life of America, as well as half a dozen other hateful so-called “women” from Vita Saxa.  

These brainwashed and perhaps overly washed women, were proudly flaunted, even sashayed, for no other reason than to dispel the narrative that the organization is anti-woman, and especially anti-washed women.  

As a further hateful deception, to make people think it cares for women, Vita Saxa went so far as to provide information on the thousands of superior, non-Planned Parenthood women’s health care centers in the nation as well as pregnancy and prenatal care help resources.  The obvious charade was assuredly the work of the devious mind of Vita Saxa‘s president, whose name sounds like a con.

It gets worse.  Rather than handing out information so that women could make more informed choices, Vita Saxa harassed students with conversations that were nothing but disguised hate.  Anyone who slowed to look at the repugnant site would be greeted with a “Hi! Any questions or thoughts?”  Fortunately, the students of Georgetown would never stoop so low as Vita Saxa. The students met the smiles of the oppressors head on with sneers, frowns, and head shaking from a distance.  Some of the strongest detractors valiantly answered the inquiries of the Vita Saxa women with rhetoric like “This disgusts me!” or “Please turn off Fox news and educate yourselves!”
Meanwhile, at the H*yas for Abortion table, a sole womyn sat bravely glaring at the spectacle put on by Vita Saxa.  She alone was strong enough to withstand the sight of such a flagrant display of hate.  Other members of H*yas for Abortion had meanwhile retreated into their safe spaces at the Feminist Womyn's Center on the third floor of Leavey for back rubs, a discussion of "trigger warnings," and some anti-male chanting.

Lamenting her washed comrades, the abortionist derided Vita Saxa’s callous lack of trigger warnings.  

“The least they could do is not wash,” she argued.