A Forum on TGA

Turns out the Black House and Center for Multicultural Equity & Access are having a public meeting about The Georgetown Academy.

Here's the description . . . 

What effect does independent journalism have on Georgetown's campus? Where do we draw the line between freedom of speech and bullying? Is too much political correctness a problem? How far is too far? Join us on Wednesday from 8-9:15 pm at The Black House for a conversation on freedom of speech, political correctness, independent journals, online publications, and safe spaces. ALL ARE WELCOME! Refreshments will be served.

After the meeting they'll be doing the "Social Justice Chant" and engaging in a lot of moral grandstanding and self-congratulation. 

When that's done there will be a special initiation into the PC club.  Pledges will have to perform a dance in their underwear and get drunk, then check someone's privilege.

And when ceremonies are complete, they'll put together a protest in Red Square, write a couple op-eds in The Hoya and The Voice, get a GUSA resolution passed, file a few bias complaints against TGA, begin a Change.org petition, and start a hashtag campaign on Twitter before they eventually break down and scream out this . . . 


But it won't work.  

We'll be publishing until May.

And the entire time we'll be like . . . 

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Tomorrow we publish in response to criticism we've received regarding transgender issues at Georgetown.  One reviewer called it "ruthlessly honest, but sure to create a storm."  It's a serious post.  You don't want to miss it.