Now We've Been Threatened

Since the beginning we've known starting this website exposes us to those with contrary opinions who will lash out immediately with accusations of hatefulness, calling us things like racist, sexist, homophobic, classist, and whatever -ist or -ic they feel is required to avoid dealing with the substance of our ideas or the quality of our arguments.


We actually don't mind when this happens, because we know when our opponents do so, it's more or less an admittance of defeat on their part.  After all, if you're incapable of attacking the argument, you attack the person.

But because we know such accusations, even when baseless, could cause a great deal of harm, we made a strategic decision to use pseudonyms.

Part of the reason was to make a point, which is that ideas, and not individuals, are what matters, and the current cultural climate of punishing those who say things with which one disagrees limits the willingness of communities to freely engage in intellectual discourse, which is so vital in a university environment.

Now we already know there is a witch hunt on to expose us.  That's been expected as well. It may, or may not, come to anything.  We've taken steps to ensure our anonymity.  We'll see if they hold.

But what we didn't expect is to be threatened with physical violence, which sadly, has now happened.  We're not sure how credible the threats are, but suffice it to say they have been made, and for obvious reasons we've preserved the evidence.  

In the event it becomes necessary, we'll post the details for the world (and future employers, natch) to see and send them along to GUPD, relevant administrators, and real cops.  It's a shame it has come to this.  Yet such is the tolerance of liberals.

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