Hate Crimes at Georgetown? (1 of 2)

Yeah, we know.  The question mark.  Get over it.  

Besides, we're only bringing up hate crimes (or as the administration likes to call them "bias-related incidents"), because they were mentioned in connection with TGA last Friday in a Hoya opinion column by Matthew Quallen, which implies TGA's staff circa 2001 played a role in creating a campus environment which leads to such things happening.  

We didn't even think to use the headline or question mark until we started investigating the time period and realized the whole idea was bogus.

Matthew asked us to cooperate on his op-ed last Tuesday.  On Wednesday another Hoya reporter contacted us about a separate article dealing with The Black House's meeting about TGA.  We discussed both and ultimately chose not to assist with either.  In the words of one of our alumni advisers, most liberal journalists will "distort and simplify things" in order to advance their preferred narrative and political agenda while pretending to be objective.  He made it clear we shouldn't trust them to do a fair story. 

Turns out he was right.

As an aside, we do want to thank The Hoya for at least adding a clarification to Quallen's piece which also implied TGA's staff was behind the theft of The Voice back in the early 2000s.  Despite the other falsehoods contained within, this one riled our alumni who said it shouldn't have made it through even the most biased editor's b.s detector.  We think it probably was caught, but then, cutting it out wouldn't have helped buttress the main point, which was implying TGA's staff at the time created a climate "of angst and anger [that] would see a rash of hate crimes on Georgetown's campus," a thought which some would probably love to extend to TGA's current staff in an attempt to delegitimize the quality of our arguments and the validity of our ideas without actually having to engage with them.

TGA has always been in the business of encouraging more speech, not less.  As we've made clear before in our comments about free speech on our Arguments & Ideas page, we even go so far as to support the rights of the pro-abortion group H*yas for Abortion to table and hold their pro-baby killing rallies around the John Carroll statue.  And according to our sources, TGA reacted with journalistic solidarity, defending The Voice's right to publish when their press run was stolen in 2002, which we're told was not how either The Hoya or The Voice reacted the first time it happened to ours.

We also note that, unlike both The Hoya and The Voice, at TGA we've never deleted a comment on any of our posts or on our  Facebook page.  Not. A. Single. One.  Even when they became abusive or sexually offensive in nature toward us.

Now, time for any fair-minded individual to ask themselves some questions. . .

  1. Which groups have been attempting to suppress speech on college campuses for the last few decades and punish those willing to express a contrary opinion? 
  2. Which groups call for trigger warnings and safe spaces in order to shield themselves and others from discussions they don't want to hear?  
  3. Which groups constantly put out statements about words we can no longer use or costumes we can't wear because they're supposedly offensive?  
  4. Which groups do you see calling for less speech, and not more?
  5. Which groups scare faculty members into not discussing certain things in class?
  6. Finally, which groups and types of people publicly shamed and humiliated Dylan, threatened the College Republicans over a speaker, endorsed the theft of our print editions, made menacing comments about our post-Georgetown careers, talked about beating us, and perhaps most important of all, scare Connor?  

The answer to all these questions is the same, and it's not libertarians, conservatives, or The Georgetown Academy.  And it should frighten you that for some time now left-wing liberal social justice warriors have been extremely successful in intimidating others and suppressing speech with which they disagree or find offensive.  

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist . . . 

Tomorrow we'll be releasing part two of this series in which we completely destroy the argument that TGA has ever contributed to creating climate in which hate crimes occur. And we do so using The Hoya's own reporting!

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