Wackos Like These Attend Georgetown

Seriously, they do.  

And we all know who they are, even if we're too polite to say so.

Long story short: about two weeks ago Yale sent out a campus-wide email about the importance of wearing politically correct Halloween costumes because some fragile and mentally-disturbed social justice warriors who are all about playing the victim freak out whenever they see something they don't like or someone disagrees with them.  

Another Yale professor sent a follow-up email out to a couple hundred students in the residential college where she lives saying students should act like adults and make their own choices and other adults shouldn't be telling them how they can or can't dress (a point feminists who take part in slut walks make frequently).  

Cue the anti-free speech hate mob.

This sort of thing happened a couple times on the Hilltop last semester in response to The Voice's GUSA cartoon and the College Republicans hosting a speech by a feminist who radical feminists don't like.  And have no doubt, such silliness will happen again in the future because we live in a society that incentivizes playing the victim and there are plenty of professors in grievance industry disciplines (womyn's studies, the English department, sociology, peace and justice) who encourage childish behavior.

As the great Booker T. Washington once noted . . . 


All this brings up the question of why we're letting so many emotionally weak people into Georgetown, (sorry if that hurts, but it's true).  But that's an entirely different post.

Anyways, some students now want to have the husband of the woman fired from his position as head of the residential college (basically a Yale dorm community) where he and his wife both live and interact with students.  

Because saying students should act like adults apparently creates a hostile living environment and people should lose their jobs over it.  

Here's a video of a student mob surrounding the husband between classes and freaking out like little children who don't belong in college.  


One left-wing social justice warrior who needs to be under medical supervision even wrote an op-ed for the Yale Daily News about how traumatized she and her fellow students were over being subjected to an idea they didn't like.  It received such a negative reaction and made Yale students look like such idiots that the editors took it down, but not before someone was smart enough to take a screen shot on their phone and post it on Twitter. Seems they throw things down the memory hole just like The Hoya.

Wow.  Just wow.  

To think someone sending an email about being an adult could cause students at one of the world's most elite and selective universities to be so traumatized they are no longer able to perform the basic tasks of daily living.  

Yet the silliness on display above was not the most controversial thing.  

It was when the author, a feminist and social justice warrior, said this . . .  

 "I don’t want to debate. I want to talk about my pain." 

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is in a nutshell what all this is about.  

Remember that next time some left-wing liberal social justice warrior tells you we need to have a "conversation" or "dialogue" about race or gender or sexuality or any other topic they're passionate about and which they insist you must discuss.

They don't want dialogue.  They don't really want conversations.  

All they want is for you to shut up and nod your head and feel guilty about something you didn't do, and then at the end give them whatever cash and prizes they want, which is more money, more power, and more attention, which at Georgetown translates into more administrators, more funding, more programs, and more special treatment.  

A textbook example of this was last semester when The Last Campaign for Academic Reform made an apparently successful effort to impose a two-course "diversity" requirement on future Hoyas.  If approved by the Board of Directors, this new requirement will force all new students to spend $15,000 dollars and an unknown number of hours sitting in and studying for classes which they would not otherwise choose, and which for all intents and purposes are a complete waste of time, but which will ensure permanent jobs for liberal faculty members in the grievance studies departments who couldn't otherwise fill seats, in addition to giving these professors multiple opportunities to indoctrinate generations of students with their left-wing social justice warrior philosophies.

We certainly do live in interesting times. 

For more on the story, check out the reporting from the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, which has all the details here.

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