More on Closed Minds on the Hilltop

Dr. John McWhorter is a professor at Columbia and the author of the New York Times bestseller Losing the Race: Self-Sabotage in Black America.  Like many others, he argues one of the key factors limiting black achievement in America is a self-perpetuating culture of victimhood, or what he calls Black America's "cult of victimology."  

It should be noted this problem isn't peculiar to just one group, but also various others in the identity group mafia who seek to play the Oppression Olympics and score cash and prizes from other groups deemed privileged and who are not awarded victim status. 


Dr. John McWhorter Speaking the Truth

Part of the difficulty in combating these "cults" is a multi-million dollar for-profit industry has developed and entrenched itself in universities, government, and the corporate world, in which various individuals make a lot money from consulting fees and by having these institutions require their employees and students to take part in expensive "diversity" training sessions which are supposedly meant to make those forced to attend them less racist, sexist, homophobic and so on.   

Last semester these folks achieved a victory at Georgetown when the Diversity Requirement was passed by the Main Campus Executive Faculty, and which starting next year, will force all incoming students to take two mandatory courses taught mainly by left-wing professors in grievance studies departments.  

It must be said some of Georgetown's most liberal professors were part of the group behind the new requirement because they've been increasingly unable to attract enough students to fill the available spots in their classes since most Hoyas see little value in ideologically-driven course offerings.  Without students willing to sign-up for their courses, these professors lose power and departmental funding, and their jobs are put at risk.  The solution for them is to start requiring all students to take their classes.  

Total cost is $15K per student, not inclusive of the number of hours spent attending and studying for classes you don't want or need, or the classes and experiences you're missing out on as a result.  Also not included is the interest on that $15K if you happen to have to take out loans to fund your Georgetown education, nor the number of hours that must be spent working to earn that $15K so you can pay off the loan.

As Booker T. Washington once noted, those perpetuating the "cult of victimology" have a financial incentive to chase ghosts and foment a never-ending sense of victimhood because if they don't then the cash cow they've created will soon end.  The bigger the problem, whether real or imagined, the greater the amount of money these hustlers can stash away in their bank accounts.   It's what has become known as "The Diversity Scam" and we discussed it last month in this controversial blog post.

You can read more about the problem and Dr. McWhorter's book here.

On Tuesday we published a selection from Dr. McWhorter's recent op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, in which he takes to task the recent protests at college campuses across the nation and the protesters' calls for mandatory "diversity awareness" training for all students and university employees.  These protests originally began at Yale (we cover it here) due to objections overly sensitive and fragile students had over the issue of free speech and what people are not supposed to wear for Halloween.  

Georgetown's protests also called for mandatory diversity training for all professors and a special endowment to recruit black professors, in addition to the renaming of Mulledy Hall and the revision of Blue & Gray tours for incoming students so more attention is paid to the fact the Maryland Province of the Society of Jesus once owned slaves and later sold them, then used the money to cover some of Georgetown's debts back in the 1830s.  

The question, of course, for everyone with a questioning mind and who isn't in thrall to the diversity scam's hivemind is that if racism is a huge problem on college campuses in general, and Georgetown in particular, why are the protests over relatively insignificant issues like Halloween costumes, or a building named after a dead Jesuit who sold slaves more than 175 years ago? 

If racism permeates the Hilltop then why aren't we protesting actual hate crimes, or racist professors, or university-sponsored discrimination?  If Harvard Law School is such a racist place, why is the target a university crest and not, say, a university professor, administrator, or fellow student engaged in racist behavior?  If Yale is a cesspool of hate and an unsafe space for minorities, why is an email from a professor about acting like adults over Halloween costumes causing students to freak out and have nervous breakdowns?

The answer, of course, is that the problem isn't racism, but the cult of victimology and the financial incentive diversity scam artists and professional victims have in perpetuating the narrative that America is an evil, horrible, no good, very bad place, and that racism, sexism, homophobia, etc., are the only things holding people back.  

They do this so they can secure more resource transfers: special scholarships, special programs, special treatment when it comes getting hired for the jobs they want (and increasing the number of jobs available only to them), and easier admissions standards.  

But perhaps most of all, it gives them an alibi.  It is no doubt extremely comforting from a psychological perspective to explain away all of one's failures or lack of success as being caused by someone else.  It's even better if you can say it was the deliberate action of some racist or sexist bogeyman.  Not only do you get to explain away something as not your fault, but you're able to also draw sympathy from others and hopefully some resource transfers and special treatment while doing so.

This is a truth you know, we know, and everyone else knows, even the professional victims when they are being honest with themselves, though of course, there are some who find more comfort in lying to themselves and refusing to face reality.  Sadly, they are enabled by well-meaning but ultimately wrong-headed faculty, administrators, and their fellow students, who only handicap professional victims when it comes to successfully managing their lives and careers out in the real world.

Few are willing to say such truths publicly because the response from left-wing liberal social justice warriors will be to punish those who speak the truth.   We're able in part because we're anonymous and because we don't answer to CSE, and if Sam Kleinman or Lauren or Erica or the Speech and Expression Committee want to tell us what to do, we can ignore them and just tell them to take a hike.

Dr. McWhorter's book is worth reading, as is anything by Thomas Sowell and Shelby Steele, all of whom also tackle the difficult topic of race in America, and like Dr. McWhorter, do so thoughtfully, honestly, and unemotionally.  They each provide a counter-perspective to the current narrative that professional victims of all types have been spreading so successfully since October.  Check them out.