Reintroducing TGA

Welcome to The Georgetown Academy.  

For the last several years we’ve been on hiatus, but about a year ago some of us began discussing a revival.  Work was begun to publish a print edition, but the effort fell through.  Yet the dream remained, and what you see now is the result of that perseverance. 

Since 1991 we've published, on and off, a print edition, with the most recent being in 2012. 

Most noteworthy in this issue is an exclusive essay by famed Exorcist author, Academy Award winner, and GU alum William Peter Blatty, a long-time TGA supporter, who writes of his love for Georgetown and his ongoing efforts to keep the university authentically Catholic through The Father King Society.

Because it’s been so long since we’ve published, which is another way of saying this is the first time many have encountered us, we encourage you to take a few minutes to look over our About page and Arguments & Ideas section.  Doing so will provide a firm understanding of who we are, what we think, and why we’re here.

One key thing to know about TGA is we’re an activist publication and are unafraid to debate or call out those issues and people who we think need it.  As our mission states, “[w]e do not publish for ourselves or without a purpose or editorial position,” and we aim “to foster dialogue on intransient topics neglected by conventional campus publications, however controversial.”

We’re more like The Voice and less like The Hoya in this respect, since we’re open about where we stand philosophically.  The Voice makes no bones about being a bullhorn for liberals and social justice warriors (SJWs) on-campus.  The Hoya pretends it isn't partisan or biased, but one just needs to look at their consistently liberal editorials and the way they frequently slant their news coverage to know they’re firmly on the side of the campus left.

We intend to publish another magazine-style edition sometime in the future.  This may be just a PDF you can download to your Ipad or computer and print out for yourselves, or we may kill a few trees and distribute.  If after perusing our website you find yourself in agreement with much of what we've written, then we’re hoping you’ll join us.  

Even if you don’t want to actively participate as a member of TGA, we hope you’ll be willing send us some feedback on what you think about our publication and any interesting information (or photos) you may have regarding campus happenings, especially if the other student pubs refuse to cover them.

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