The Social Justice Warrior

Starting next week you’ll hear us repeatedly refer to what’s known as a social justice warrior, or SJWs.  Some of you may have heard the term before.  Most, probably not.  But there’s a lot of them at Georgetown.  Since no standard definition exists we describe them here so you can be sure of exactly what we mean when we use it.

First, the SJW is not a social worker or humanitarian who seeks to help alleviate suffering and improve the lives of the poor, the vulnerable, the demoralized, and the downtrodden.  SJWs sit behind computer screens, organizing online witch-hunts and protests, whereas social workers and humanitarians toil in difficult and sometimes dangerous circumstances in tasks for which they’re rarely thanked and for which they’re often inadequately compensated, all in the hopes of adding value to the human experience and making the world a better place.

Social justice warriors spend their time stalking and harassing those who engage in what they consider offensive or politically incorrect speech, seeking to shame, silence, and ultimately punish them for daring to utter the wrong views.  In reality, SJWs don’t do anything to achieve social justice, though they do make a lot of noise and intimidate many people into keeping quiet.  Most are just a bunch of liberal bullies.

SJWs don’t consider all people to be equal and worthy of the same respect.  Rather, they throw their support behind whoever they consider to be part of the least privileged identity group.  Using SJW logic, a black or Latino student may say something derogatory to a white student, but if the situation is reversed, it’s racism.  A woman may do the same to a man, but if it goes the opposite way, it’s sexism.  Same holds true for any heterosexual vs. non-heterosexual interactions. 

Choosing sides is easy if it’s an either-or proposition, but things get tricky when the identity groups involved are more complex.  When this happens SJWs battle it out in the Oppression Olympics.  Relative privilege is weighed leading SJWs to engage in infighting and rhetorical blood-letting.  For example, who gets to play the victim if a black man and white woman are involved in a negative interaction between them that has nothing to do with race or sex?  He’s black, but she’s a woman, so they both may claim an equal lack of privilege.  Make her a lesbian though, and she wins, since lesbian and female trumps black and male on the SJW scale. 

But make her a rich white lesbian and him a poor black male, and then it’s all even all over again, because poor trumps rich, and black beats white, though she gets points for being lesbian over heterosexual and female over male. 

In other words, the score is now two to two.

See how it works?

Notice how right or wrong are not considered.  Neither facts nor calm, reasoned analysis has a role to play in these contests either.  The issue at stake and what they’re arguing over is equally irrelevant.

SJWs are liberal authoritarians who form hate mobs and are not afraid to sell out one of their own if they think there’s some benefit to it.  Last semester they formed one such mob and sacrificed the reputation, career prospects, and feelings of a fellow student in an affair that gained national media attention.  The student was a white liberal male clearly defending a black man in the unabashedly left-wing Voice, which at the time was edited by a Latina who writes for the equally left-wing Huffington Post and approved the drawing.  But some SJWs saw the cartoon he drew as an opportunity to foist a diversity requirement on students, and so they ginned up a fake controversy and pretended Georgetown is an oppressive place for minorities.  Not content with simply stating they found it offensive, the SJWs went ahead with dehumanizing and publicly shaming him.  Sadly, they were supported by campus “journalists” and administrators (including a Roman Catholic priest) who should know better.  More on that starting next week in our five-part series dedicated to reviewing for new students last year’s most controversial campus events.  We’re it calling it “The Year You Missed: Class of 2019 Edition.”  We think most of you will like it. 

Others will be horrified.

So, to review, social justice warriors:

  1. Don’t actually work with the poor and vulnerable to improve their conditions.
  2. Focus on finding politically incorrect speech, fomenting digital hysteria on the internet, and then seek to silence and punish offenders.
  3. Determine right or wrong based on who’s in what identity group, rather than fact, logic, or reality.
  4. Are liberals who are not afraid to form a hate mob and stab in the back of one of their own if needed.
  5. Don’t like it when you call the out for their aggressiveness and bullying.  Exposing their hypocrisy and the shallowness of their ideas also raises SJW ire.

Now that TGA’s up and running, we plan on doing so often.  Because telling the truth is fun.  And justice demands it.  Of course, we know this will put a target on our backs and means they’ll be coming after us sometime soon.   

But we’ll be waiting and more than ready to sling what they throw right back at them.