The Voice’s Prefrosh Preview

It’s not often we’ll praise the competition, but we believe in giving credit when it’s due, and want to acknowledge The Voice which does a pretty good job each year with their Prefrosh Preview series for incoming students, highlighting much of what new Hoyas need to know about transitioning to life on the Hilltop. 

It’s something we’ve tried to do with our Ratio Studiorum, Bucket List, and Bookshelf

Even though TGA and The Voice are on different sides of many issues, we like to think we share the same goals of enhancing the student experience and providing our fellow Hoyas useful information about what happens at Georgetown.  And though they cowardly caved before a social justice warrior hate mob last semester, selling out one of their own in the process,  we do think they historically have done well when it comes to supporting free speech on campus and informing the studentry. 

So there’s that. 

Bottom line: bravo for a job well done in helping get new students ready for Georgetown.  And freshmen, if you haven’t read the series yet, be sure to do so.  It’ll make your life a bit easier this first year.