Reforming GUSA & Stopping the Diversity Requirement Scam

Next week we’ll be releasing posts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, which discuss three important reform initiatives which are needed in light of last year’s activities. 

The first shouldn’t be controversial since it simply involves asking GUSA to do their job.

The second might upset a few because it leverages technology to return power to the studentry and takes it away from student administrators.  We suspect GUSAnos and Sad SACs who care more about controlling their peers, as opposed to serving them, will oppose it. 

The final proposal will be contentious since it takes a stand against the activities of social justice warriors at Georgetown and is all about increasing students’ freedom to choose.  It involves fighting back against the politicizing of the curriculum by certain faculty members and their undergraduate thralls.  We expect most of the studentry will be with us in spirit since it will optimize one’s class time.  Besides, screwing over future Hoya’s isn’t your average Hoya's thing.  Depending on how things go we may need to restart it next year, or persuade our replacements to bring it up again four years from now, when the entire student body is affected, since right now no students are affected.

But there’s a major problem with each proposal: implementation.

For change to occur, there needs to be a few key individuals willing towage what may be a difficult and time-consuming campaign to achieve these goals.   

There are some natural constituencies for each proposal.  We’ll discuss these groups next week.  But it should be said that everyone ought to have an opinion on each matter, regardless of which side they choose to support.

Our long time motto is this: “Hell’s hottest place is reserved for those who in time of conflict, remain neutral.”  Now, if you’ve read our About page, you’ll note who said it is in dispute.  Even so, the sentiment is worth considering.  Much is at stake, from protecting Georgetown’s mission, to improving the student experience, to holding GUSA representatives accountable.  In the end, it’s about making the Hilltop better, not just for current students, but all for those who will follow. 

If you love Georgetown and believe this is a special place with institutions and traditions worth preserving and improving, then don’t spend all your time focused on your studies or worrying only about what comes after graduation.  There’s plenty of hours available each semester to do well in class and still make a difference.

Remember too, that generations of students who came before you labored to make Georgetown the incredible place it is today.  Some founded new campus clubs while others developed and strengthened them.  Many have led efforts on behalf of their peers to improve the student experience.  If you’ve ever attended a student performance or social event, or enjoyed a guest speaker outside of class, or been informed and enlightened from a campus publication, then you’ve benefited from student volunteers who worked hard and without pay to make it happen.

Do your part, however small, and in the days that follow, don’t remain neutral.  

Never forget Gandalf’s wise words to Frodo.

You get the idea.

We’ll publish our proposals next week.  But from there it’s up to whoever wants to grab the ideas and run with them. 

It may be that no one does.

At least we’ll be able to say we put them out there.