The Year You Missed: Class of 2019 Edition, Part V

Just when you thought the political correctness on-campus couldn’t get any worse, in one of the culminating events of the year, our fragile campus feminists were afflicted with mass hysteria and forced to set up a safe room because of a speech by Christina Hoff Sommers, herself a feminist, just not of the radical man-hating variety.  No word on whether or not there were coloring books, cupcakes, and videos of frolicking puppies

Ms. Sommers spoke to a standing-room only crowd about what’s right and what’s wrong with feminism.  Watch the video yourself and decide whether or not her words constitute "hate speech" and are so traumatizing they require a special space be set up for affected (feminist) students who would otherwise be having nervous breakdowns.

You’ll notice several students in attendance stood in the back and held signs . . .

Image Credit: Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute

Image Credit: Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute

Image Credit: Georgetown University College Republicans

Image Credit: Georgetown University College Republicans

And here’s some advertising the safe room set up nearby . . .

Image Credit: Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute

Image Credit: Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute

Image Credit: Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute

Image Credit: Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute

The above video was made by the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute (CBLPI), whose mission is to prepare women for effective leadership and to promote leading conservative women.  They co-hosted the speech along with the College Republicans and brought the video camera.  Everyone in the room knew they were being videotaped.  No one said anything at the time, nor should anyone, since the event was open to the public and if one didn’t want to be in the video then he or she could have easily left the room.

But after the video was put online, something strange happened.  Center for Student Engagement Assistant Administrator Lauren Gagliardi sent an email to two CR members saying they needed to get CBLPI to edit the video.  But neither the CRs nor CBLPI were willing to be shut up.  So Ms. Gagliardi sent another telling them that if they or CBLPI were “unwilling or unresponsive to the request, [then] Georgetown will need to step in.”  This was, and is, a threat against students and anyone who believes in free and open debate about important societal issues at Georgetown.

CBLPI responded as one would expect strong women to do, which is the opposite of the way the girls from H*ya’s for Choice responded when confronted by University officials to do something similar.  CBLPI schooled Ms. Gagliardi on free speech and informed her that “[w]hile many universities are accustomed to bullying students until they bend to a left-wing point of view, a conservative women’s organization named after the courageous Clare Boothe Luce is not impressed or moved by such bullying.” 

We emailed Ms. Gagliardi several weeks ago asking her why she sent the email to the College Republicans.  We wanted to know if the video was requested by student protesters who felt embarrassed by what they had done and were trying to hide from it, or if it was the University that was embarrassed by the protesters since it received widespread attention in the national news media, including a segment on Fox News.  If it were neither, we wanted to know if it was just because Ms. Gagliardi was, well, trying to gag speech with which she disagreed.  We also inquired as to what Georgetown did to “step in” when CBLPI refused her inappropriate demand to edit the video.  Was she making empty threats or did she actually do something?  

Ms. Gagliardi did not respond and the University has been silent on the issue since it blew up in their faces and garnered so much negative press.  But considering Gag's supervisor is Erica Cohen Derr, we're not surprised that she was involved in trying to suppress speech at Georgetown.  You may remember Cohen Derr from The Gelding of Dylan Cutler.  She is also on Georgetown’s Orwellian Speech and Expression committee and was quoted in The Hoya saying Cutler's GUSA cartoon was inappropriate and should never have been published.  And as noted elsewhere, she regularly censors GUSA's weekly emails to the student body, and we don't mean in terms of number (no one wants GUSA spam cluttering their inbox), but in terms of content.  It may be that she's the number one impediment to free speech at Georgetown.

The Hoya’s editorial board ended up getting involved, further embarrassing Georgetown, (though as noted in their comment page, mostly themselves), when they published a widely criticized editorial condemning the speech and falsely argued that “[b]y giving Sommers a platform, GUCR has knowingly endorsed a harmful conversation on the serious topic of sexual assault,” one which “serves only to trigger obstructive dialogue and impede the progress of the university’s commitment to providing increased resources to survivors.”  The editorial had its Orwellian moment when it stated that “[i]t is necessary and valuable to promote the free expression of a plurality of views, but this back-and-forth about whether or not certain statistics are valid is not the conversation that students should be having . . . [a]t its worst, such discourse encourages rape denialism.” 

In other words, don’t question the narrative of the feminist hivemind.

This was all fine and dandy for those who don’t expect the newspapers they read to get the facts correct.  Because as noted in The Hoya’s own article about Sommers’s speech (not to mention the video itself which they obviously didn’t watch), the topic and content of her presentation was about different types of feminism and not a refutation of the fake and misleading sexual assault statistics feminists’ trumpet. 

At any rate, the semester concluded with still another contentious video emerging, this one depicting various “men” of Georgetown stating they believe peeing while standing is sexist and penis privilege is such a problem that the removal of urinals from campus is required. 


The video is below, but first, we pause for this special public service announcement . . .

Dudes.  Duuuuuuddddddeeeessss . . .

We get some of you don’t have a lot of experience with women and those of you who are freshman just finished twelve years of what was likely a feminized educational experience catering to girls and putting you on Ritalin if you’re a bit boisterous, but telling women you pee when sitting down out of solidarity with them because you think they’re oppressed is a great way to never get a date and spend your time locked in the dreaded Friend Zone.  Leave the groveling for the Renfields or those who think they need feminism.  Girls like a strong, confident guy, and not some creepy dude willing to submit and grovel before them, which is what your average male feminists does. 

Now, back to our commentary . . .

 . . . and wait, no, it’s done. 

But still check out the video . . .

So freshman, all in all, you missed a pretty active year for the feminists, race hustlers, and social justice warriors on-campus.  And the truth is we didn’t even cover all of it.  There were a couple “die-ins” for deceased criminal thug Mike Brown, a student occupation of President Jack DeGioia’s Office in support of special race-based housing for Latinos who were tired of having to share The Black House, GU Fossil Free storming the stage during World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim’s speech in Gaston Hall, and much more.  We could keep going, but after five days of posts we think you’ve developed a good enough sense of what sort of ridiculousness to expect these next four years.

The main difference, however, is TGA’s back.  We’re ready to unsheathe our rhetorical shiv and jam it in, (just a metaphor people, please calm down).  We’re unafraid to take shots at SJW’s (another metaphor, chillax), and hold people's feet to the fire (metaphor!) when they get too crazy. 

In sum, we’ll be shining a light and leveling a critical eye on all the madness.  We can already tell we’re going to have lots of fun doing it. 

And we want you to join us when we do.

So you’re on notice SJWs.  The free ride is over.  We’ll be taking the horse manure you cavalierly toss around and slinging it right back at you.

And this time, we’re not leaving.

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