A Proposal to Mitigate the Worst Aspects of the Diversity Requirement

For those not familiar with the context behind this proposal, we recommend you read Part IV of our series “The Year You Missed: Class of 2019 Edition,” in which we layout how the "Diversity" Requirement became a time and money-wasting albatross foisted around the neck of the future students. 

Another note: of our three proposals, (see the others here and here), we’ve released this one last because the "Diversity" Requirement’s implementation plan is still being developed and not a whole lot information is available on what courses will be “approved” as fulfilling the requirement.  To our knowledge the Board of Directors still hasn’t officially approved it either.  And perhaps most importantly, the students really screwed by it won’t arrive until next year.  We wouldn’t be surprised if any efforts opposing it didn’t really gain steam until 2020 when all undergraduates have to suffer through it. 

So what we’re advocating here is simple: get in touch with certain important people and let them know that you disapprove of this obviously ideologically-inspired and politically-biased effort to force students to take grievance industry courses and fill the seats of the left-wing professors and SJWs behind the "Diversity" Requirement.  It's not like there aren't already enough liberals teaching at GU.  As Michael Khan noted Tuesday in his Hoya column, the vast majority of professors, at Georgetown and other elite schools, are big government liberals.  We'd like to add there was even an analysis done five years ago which showed University employees and professors overwhelmingly support Democrats.  So it's not like the left-wing "Diversity" Requirement is needed.  If anything, there should be a requirement to take at least two non-leftist professors and an affirmative action initiative to hire more libertarians, conservatives, and authentically Catholic professors.

At any rate, now’s the time to influence the process.  Like any new policy, once the "Diversity" requirement is locked down it in becomes more difficult to change.  We invite everyone reading this, whether they be students, alumni, professors, administrators, or just interested observers, to contact the individuals on our list below and explain to them that you’re watching and expect them to do what’s needed to either remove the requirement or at the very least expand the number of classes that meet it, and to do so to such agree that not a single student is burdened with taking a grievance industry class they neither want nor need, and which just wastes their time and money.    

Don’t let future students get screwed over.  Remember, you might have a relative, or son or daughter, who comes to Georgetown one day, and you want them to have the best possible experience, which means their time is spent taking worthwhile courses and that add value to their time on the Hilltop.    

When you send your emails, tell them . . .

  1. Who you are and your connection to Georgetown.
  2. That you do not approve of politicizing the curriculum in favor of either the left or the right and that you think limiting student choice and forcing students to take ideologically-biased courses is not appropriate.  
  3. That you’re considering withholding any future donations to the University until the requirement is either removed or watered-down to the point where students can meet it without having to waste time or money in courses they wouldn’t otherwise choose to take.
  4. That you request a response stating your email has been received and read.

We recommend emailing the dean of your particular school (just click on the name).  

We also suggest emailing President Jack DeGioia, but since he doesn't share his address in the directory, you have to contact either his Chief of Staff or scheduler.  Go ahead and send a note to both.

Finally, we suggest emailing William Doyle, Chairman of the Board of Directors.  We don't have an email for him, though if you do, please send it our way.  You can just send a letter c/o Georgetown University, 37th & O Streets, N.W., Washington, D.C., 20057.  Or drop it off in President DeGioia's office on the second floor of Healy (Room 204).

For those you who do send emails, please copy us on them.  That way we can track how many are sent.  Put “Diversity Requirement” in the subject line.   And if you get a response, let us know too. 

Also, discuss it with any faculty advisors or mentors you may have.  They’ll likely pass the information along, either to the department chair or their fellow professors.