The Year You Missed: Class of 2019 Edition, Part II

The last noteworthy event of the Fall semester occurred when The Hoya published a hilarious and at the same time frightening op-ed by then senior Oliver Friedfeld, who together with a friend was mugged while walking off campus.  Friedfeld wrote how it was inappropriate to blame his muggers for mugging him and the real culprits were inequality and privilege.  The piece, which on first glance may look satirical but isn’t, went viral and led to over 500 comments, the most in Hoya history, and nearly all of which were negative.

“Not once did I consider our attackers to be ‘bad people,’” Friedfeld says, despite having a gun pointed at him and his property stolen.  “Who am I to stand from my perch of privilege, surrounded by million-dollar homes and paying for a $60,000 education, to condemn these young men as ‘thugs’?”  

Um, well, they just pointed a gun at your head threatening to kill you, dude.  They stole your money.  Did they need to be anti-Semitic for you to consider them "bad people"?

Friedfeld went on to state his fellow students “should get comfortable with sporadic muggings and break-ins,” until they can redress all the wrongs of the past and eliminate privilege.  “I can hardly blame them,” he said of his muggers, who in their lives no doubt mugged and assaulted many more victims before happening upon Friedfeld, and will likely continue to do so until caught or shot.  

No word yet on whether or not Friedfeld thinks rape victims should give their rapists a free pass and instead blame themselves for having too much privilege.  We wonder too if he would make excuses for this scum bag who murdered a recent American University graduate a couple months ago when the unfortunate, no doubt "privileged" fellow was walking a few blocks from his own former campus on Independence Day. 

Spring semester started quietly enough, then roared into action with a GUSA campaign featuring a joke ticket that actually won, (proving yet again what a joke GUSA is), and the eruption of a social justice warrior hate mob which cannibalized one of their own in an affair we call:  The Gelding of Dylan Cutler. 

Cutler, a cartoonist for The Voice, took a break from making fun of libertarians and conservatives to draw in defense of black GUSA candidate Chris Wadibia, who despite being Georgetown’s Nicest Man (see here), lost the vote and took some serious lickings in the student press.  Cutler wanted to point out the election was over and those who persisted in continuing to bash Wadibia were just beating a dead horse, an idiom non-idiots realize has to do with wasted effort. 

But faster than a feminist shouts trigger warning, campus race hustlers and SJWs of all stripes sprang in to action.  It was the 1960s all over again.  Georgetown’s Speech and Expression committee mobilized to advise Dean of Students Todd Olson whether or not Cutler should be punished.  Committee member and Assistant Dean for Student Engagement Erika Cohen Derr spoke out saying the cartoon shouldn’t have been published.  A protest was held in Red Square during which students spent ten minutes silently holding their fists in the air, as if inhabited by the spirits of a bunch of dead Black Panthers, except the Black Panthers were opposing real injustices (when not committing some of their own).  Director of Campus Ministry Father Kevin O’Brien, S.J. joined in solidarity and to provide counseling for the traumatized, further contributing to the infantilizing of students and Cutler’s dehumanization, and apparently not realizing that poor Dylan might be feeling a little traumatized himself.  Of interest is Georgetown’s Nicest Man Chris Wadibia was in attendance, though he failed to stick up for Cutler the same way Cutler defended him in print, choosing instead to join the mob. 

Perhaps worst of all, hypocritical and cowardly editors from The Voice, who claim to know a thing or two about the importance of free speech, abandoned their own staff member to the wolves and scrubbed the cartoon from their website, tossing it down the Orwellian memory hole.  But since the internet remembers everything, (listen up new students: The Internet.  Remembers.  Everything.), we’re republishing it here. 

You’ll note Wadibia has the horse’s head because he’s head of the ticket.  His running mate Meredith Cheney has the horse’s rear, not because Cutler hates women or think she’s a horse’s ass (she’s not), but because she was in a subordinate position.  Even so, cries of sexism and misogyny rang forth. 

Wadibia’s face is bruised, consistent with a horse that’s been beaten to the death, which after all was the point.  On the sidelines are victorious candidates and current GUSA President Joe Luther and Veep Connor Rohan holding bats saying “Heckler,” which is Georgetown’s satire pub, and the word “satire,” which is what Luther and Rohan did as the editors of Georgetown’s satire pub.

Sadly, rather than standing up for himself and having the courage calmly explain to the horde what his intent was and common sense showed, Cutler caved.  In a way it’s hard to blame him considering how quickly he was abandoned and hung out to dry by his editors, fellow students, and administrators like Father O’Brien and Ms. Cohen Derr. 

In a Maoist struggle session held in St. William’s Chapel the night before the Red Square protest, Cutler tearfully apologized to his tormentors and submissively spoke about how he “made a mistake.”  “And you know what,” he said, “that’s the result of my privilege.”  (Remember that word, freshman.  You’ll be bombarded with it for the next four years). 

Cutler continued on hoping to placate the mob, even going so far as to request to join them, saying, “I stand with you, I ask to be your ally.” Not recognizing he didn’t contribute to racism or make anyone feel afraid or spread a message of hate, he went ahead and copped to all it anyway: “I don’t want to contribute to racism and I don’t want to make anyone feel afraid. It is not my intention to spread a message of hate.” Cutler finished begging to be reamed taught a lesson. “I invite you, please come up, introduce yourself to me and I invite you to ream teach me,” he said.

As the fembots like to say:  Wow.  Just wow.

But there it ended.  With Cutler’s self-emasculation, the crowd’s blood-lust was quenched, and the mob turned their malevolent gaze towards the next victim to be sacrificed on their altar of SJW hate: future Hoyas.  We refer now of course to one of the worst Georgetown initiatives in recent years: the Last Campaign for Academic Reform’s “Diversity, Power and Privilege” requirement, otherwise known as The Diversity Requirement . . .   

Part III appears tomorrow.  Part I may be found here.