SJWs or Something Else?

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One our supporters complained about our constant use of the term Social Justice Warrior to describe the illiberal totalitarian fascists who want to silence us.

He's the type who volunteers to help the homeless, has done a lot of work with APO helping the poor, and his Catholic sensibilities make him feel the "social justice" descriptor should be protected since historically, and in the Catholic tradition, social justice has been about helping people and not going after those guilty of politically incorrect thought crimes.

We don't disagree.  

The fact is at TGA we're big fans of social justice, properly understood.  Sadly, the term has been co-opted by many on the far-left  who form hate mobs to go after anyone who fights back against political correctness or is willing to publicly disagree with them.  

So we've decided to take a poll and let our readers decide whether or not we'll continue using the term or move on to something else. 

Register your response below . . .