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Teacher: "What's 3 x 3?"

Male Student #1: [Raises his hand]

Teacher: "Yes?"

Male Student #1: "Nine."

Teacher: "Wrong."

Penelope: [Raises her hand]

Teacher: "Yes, Penelope?"

Penelope: "Gender equality."

Teacher, [smiling]: "Very good, Penelope."

Male Student #1 "Is this a joke?"

Penelope, [sneering and angry and totally serious]: "You think gender equality is a joke?"

Male Student #1: "No, but isn't this a math class?"

Male Student #2: "Don't be so racist."

Male Student #1: "I just asked a question."

Penelope, [still angry, still sneering]: "We DON'T ask questions!  Questions are offensive."

Male Student #3: "Yeah!"

The whole thing is hilarious.  It'll be the best thing you see all day and a great start to the semester.

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