Quin Hillyer's Georgetown Speech

Sadly, he was speaking to the choir.  But watch it anyways.  

It focuses on Georgetown and he has some interesting stories.

By the way, this is the sort of speech that needs to be given to everyone during NSO, otherwise we end up with feminists and left-wing liberal social justice warriors who first try to shut speeches down.

But when they can't, they act like this . . . 

And then finally this . . . 

Because remember . . . 

In conclusion, try leaving like Mr. Hillyer did when he graduated in 1986, which is to say, someone grateful for the opportunity he had to attend Georgetown and who is ready to take on the world, as opposed to being some social justice warrior cry baby.


Note: Our grateful thanks to the members of the Intersectional Feminism Magis Row House for posing in the below picture.