Where is Jack DeGioia?

We saw this in The Hoya this weekend . . . 

Pierce became acting registrar in November 1983, and was appointed Registrar in May 1984. In the early 2000s he was made assistant provost in addition to university registrar.
President John J. DeGioia’s Chief of Staff Joseph Ferrara emphasized Pierce’s significant contributions to the university in his variety of roles.
“For nearly five decades, John Pierce has enriched life at Georgetown — as a student and parent, a colleague and a university leader,” Ferrara wrote in an email to The Hoya. “The President’s Office is grateful for his dedication and the many ways he has contributed to our community.”

Quick question: a man spends the majority of his life at Georgetown (Pierce first arrived in 1972) and now that he is retiring after five decades of service the University president can't be bothered to say a good word about him in the school paper and has to send his "Chief of Staff" instead?

Now we know President DeGioia travels quite a bit, to Davos for the World Economic Forum, to South America for various international conferences, to China just last month as part of a delegation, but dude, you're like, our University President, and YOUR JOB first and foremost is to make Georgetown a great Catholic university, which means recognizing the work of school employees who've contributed so much.  

Couldn't you have spared a few sentences for the man?