Bravo to GUSA's Communications Team

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Last semester we wrote about how horrifyingly bad and outdated the GUSA website was and how it had remained a piece of trash throughout the summer.  

About a month and a half later a new one was unveiled with a much better interface and it has slowly improved to the point where it's, well, pretty awesome.  Congratulations to those on the communications who built it, because it's probably the most professional-looking and user-friendly website in GUSA history and something for which everyone can be proud (now if you can just get Matt to clean up the history page, it'll be close to perfect).

Say what you want about their slow start, but GUSA's communications team did a respectable job last semester.  This includes the great videos informing the studentry about new GUSA initiatives and the updated information regarding GUSA programs and how to be involved.  And that's a big step in making GUSA relevant again, more so than perhaps anything Joe and Luther have done this term.