GUSA 2016 Candidate Questionnaire

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The GUSA election is next month.  We'll be covering the race and commenting on the candidates, their platforms, and the outcome.  

For the last few years most tickets have sought to win by falsely promising to do more than is feasible in addition to nodding yes to each and every identity group hustle, such as last year's moronic "diversity" requirement meant to indoctrinate students and forcefully fill the classrooms of left-wing professors who couldn't otherwise fill seats.  In doing so, the candidates have often ignored more important issues affecting all students, rather than just the professional victims and activists who scream the loudest and demand the most. 

The following questions are for all the campaigns.  Some wouldn't have been asked by either The Hoya or The Voice, though they might be now that we've brought them up.  We present them here not just because they matter, but because they go to the heart of every Hoya's experience and the life of the University.

  1. It costs nearly a quarter million dollars to attend Georgetown.  Tuition continues to increase each year.  Many students leave with tens of thousands of dollars worth of debt, which can double or triple when you take into account interest, late payments, and the capitalization of interest on deferments.  Numerous studies have shown (see here and here) that the main reason tuition has exploded nationwide has been unrestrained growth in the number of administrators who don't teach, yet who command high salaries and who, like government employees or unionized workforces, are unlikely to ever be fired for incompetence or because there is no longer a need for their position.  Will you do anything to address the exorbitant cost of attending Georgetown, or will you simply ignore it?  If you do intend to engage with the administration on this issue, what specifically do you intend to do to halt the annual increases in the cost of attendance or roll tuition back to rational levels?  
  2. Free speech is a hot topic both at Georgetown and on college campuses across the nation.  Immediately following last year's GUSA election, a controversy over a cartoon featuring a losing candidate led to protests and the cartoon's removal from The Voice's website.  A short time later Georgetown's feminists demanded trigger warnings and set up a safe room when Christina Hoff Sommers came to speak. Then CSE threatened the College Republicans trying to get the video of the speech taken off the internet.  No one in GUSA, including Georgetown's hypocritical "free speech advocate," spoke out or condemned these attempts at suppressing speech, though they were more than willing to defend H*yas for Choice when their free speech rights were being infringed upon earlier in the year.  Do you believe a certain segment of the studentry are overly sensitive and quick to find fault with others for not being politically correct enough, and are you willing to speak out and condemn ALL attempts to suppress student speech, regardless of whether or not you agree with the ideas of the speaker? 
  3. Following the GUSA cartoon controversy, the Last Campaign for Academic Reform led an effort that resulted in the Main Campus Executive Faculty approving a two course "diversity requirement" for all students starting with the class of 2020.  This requirement would limit student choice and force everyone into a narrow range of classes which in the words of the campaign’s fact sheet, focus on “race, class, sexual identity, immigration status, ethnicity, gender and gender identity, and disability/ability."  Grievance studies professors have been advocating such a requirement for a long time due to an inability to find enough students who are willing to sign-up for their courses, which everyone knows are more about left-wing political advocacy than discussing a wide-range of diverse ideas.  One course at Georgetown costs $7,500 dollars, not inclusive of interest payments for those with student loans, nor the value of the time one needs to work to pay off that bill.  Do you think the diversity requirement is a good idea?  Aren't there enough opportunities to discuss these issues in current classes, during NSO, in campus media, in other student programming initiatives which we have whole University offices and clusters dedicated to (i.e. the Women's Center, LGBTQ Resource Center, the Center for Multicultural Access & Equity, the annual Martin Luther King Jr. "Let Freedom Ring!" Initiative,The Black House, Casa Latina, Leaders in Education About Diversity, Intersectional Feminism House, the Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity & Affirmative Action, and many more)?  If elected, will you advocate for eliminating the diversity requirement, or at the very least, seek to expand the number of courses listed as fulfilling it so that incoming students are not forced to pay $15,000+ for politicized courses they neither want nor need?  
  4. One of the GUSA campaigns last year advocated for using technology to set up a computer-based system in which students may allocate the funds from the mandatory student activities fee to the clubs and programs of their choosing, rather than have that money allocated by GUSA bureaucrats.  Many in GUSA don't think their fellow students are smart or responsible enough to determine where the money they pay in student activities fees should go and that decisions regarding the allocation of these funds should be reserved for GUSA and the various funding boards alone.  Do you believe students have either the right or the knowledge to responsibly determine where the money they pay goes when it comes to student programming, or do you believe we should continue with a system in which a small group of GUSA politicos and funding board members control these funds and determine where they go?
  5. If elected, what would you do differently than the Luther-Rohan administration?
  6. Give us the main reason why we should elect you and not one of the other tickets?
  7. Name three tangible things that you will accomplish during your term in office? 
  8. Georgetown is a private religious institution that now contributes funding to the pro-abortion advocacy group H*yas for Choice, money which in the words of their former president, "[makes up] a large portion of our operating costs.”  The University also provides H*yas for Choice free storage space to store thousands of condoms, abortion promotional materials (including places where Georgetown women can go to get abortions because apparently they've never heard of the internet), and other items.  Do you believe the University has an obligation to respect Catholic teaching and not provide funds or free storage space to an abortion advocacy group at Georgetown?  Do you believe promoting abortion services is appropriate or inappropriate for a university which was founded by Catholics and claims in its promotional literature to be a Catholic institution?   
  9. John Carroll, Georgetown's founder, owned slaves by virtue of his position as head of the Catholic Church in the American colonies.  The historical record shows he did nothing to free them.  Carroll reportedly owned two slaves, one of which served as his personal attendant.  Do you agree with the leaders of the Solidarity Protest and members other liberal groups on the Hilltop that we should remove the John Carroll statue from campus since there are no doubt descendants of slaves attending Georgetown who might be upset that they are reminded of John Carroll's history each time they walk past it?  If not, did you or did you not support the renaming of Mulledy and McSherry Halls?  Please explain your answer.
  10. Candidates often talk about reforming or restructuring GUSA to make it a more effective representative of the studentry.  Does GUSA require any restructuring or reform, and if yes, what specifically needs to be done and how to does your ticket intend to do it?  

BONUS QUESTION:  Will you serve the silent majority of Georgetown students or are you the candidate of loud, balkanized Georgetown ever clamoring for more gimmes and seemingly ungrateful for what they already have?  

Deadline to get responses in to us will be one week before the vote.