Spring Programming Note

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Last year was intense.  As we noted in our final post of the semester, TGA made quite a stir in the Fall, which directly resulted in numerous articles and opinion pieces in both The Hoya and The Voice, not to mention meetings and other efforts meant to silence us.

Of course, it also resulted in nearly 50,000 page views . . .

More recently it has resulted in a series of posts on Georgetown Confessions, which we've archived and will be doing a post on later this month.

This year we're starting with a larger staff than we did back in September and have several projects in the works to make TGA bigger, better, and more useful to everyone.  We'll be posting regularly every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with additional news and commentary as needed based upon events and interest.  

As we begin the new year, we want to invite again those interested in TGA to join us and for everyone to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.  Updates to the blog are automatically appear there so you'll be notified as soon as we post.  And if you haven't yet checked out our Arguments & Ideas page, please do so.  

Later this month we'll be publishing a series of articles we're calling the Writer's Workshop. Many of those we've been in touch with have asked about contributing pieces, but were lacking in ideas or weren't sure about how to go about it, so we've put together some advice along with some topics worth covering.  In the interim, visit our Submissions page for how to get started.

Affirmative action has been brought before the Supreme Court this term and in the Spring the Justices will decide whether or not race-based discrimination in the college admissions process is appropriate in a country where one's skin color should be considered irrelevant. Look for a series of posts starting this Monday in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, whose goal of a society in which we are judged by the content of our character, and not the color of our skin, is one we at TGA share and is the reason why we're against affirmative action. 

The annual Cardinal O'Connor Conference on Life is in ten days.  We'll be covering it and watching to see if The Hoya is as biased this year as they were last year when their reporting read like a H*yas for Abortion press release.  

We'll also be addressing the topic of feminism in March, as it's "Women's History Month." Mentally weak and easily traumatized feminists who are afraid of being exposed to diverse ideas are encouraged to find their safe spaces now!

And of course there's the GUSA election . . .  

In 2015 a joke ticket was elected, which says pretty much all one needs to say about GUSA. This year our preferred ticket is Cthulhu for Prez joined by a Chicken Madness sandwich for Veep.  We think everyone should support those two as a write-ins, but we'll be posting a candidate questionnaire on Friday for each campaign to answer.  A few days before the election we'll issue an endorsement.  

No doubt some additional controversies and crazy events will present themselves.  We'll be here to cover them, hold people accountable, and hit back if needed.  Just make sure you do a better job than this guy so you can avoid embarrassing yourself.

We're looking forward to a great semester and are happy to note last month we held meetings and began transitioning TGA to a new group who will carry the torch once this semester ends.  TGA will endure beyond this coming May, of that you can be sure.

We also have something special planned for later this year which we think most of you will like, though of course, the left-wing social justice warrior crowd will hate, because they just can't stand it when someone disagrees with them, or even worse, is wiling to say so publicly.  For now it's a secret.

Stay tuned.