Is Rebecca Kukla Georgetown’s Donald Trump, Mentally Unstable, or Just a Terrible Human Being?

This is our last post on the Kukla matter. 

By the end of it the case will have been sufficiently made that when liberals on the faculty or in the administration bully and/or use sexually abusive language towards libertarians, conservatives, and religious people, neither the administration nor faculty says or does anything to combat it. 

We will have also proven that the Philosophy Department is nothing more than a left-wing echo chamber and unsafe anyone who thinks differently, which is why we think everyone should boycott it by not taking any courses other than those required to graduate.    

And near the end of this post we argue convincingly that no one who believes in treating others with dignity and respect should donate to Georgetown until someone in the administration is willing to unequivocally state that the vulgar and sexual derogatory language used by faculty members such as Rebecca Kukla IS NOT OKAY.  If you’re a libertarian, conservative, Catholic, or even a liberal who believes in treating all members of the University community fairly, equally, and with dignity and respect, then Georgetown doesn’t deserve your money until something is done.

There is more to comment on and we even thought of producing a quiz where you can guess which statements are Kukla’s and which are Trump’s, but in light of the new information we have regarding her mental status (see below), we’re going to give Rebecca Kukla the sort of break she and her friends wouldn’t give to a conservative professor engaged in similar behavior, and will let it go for now.  We reserve the right to comment in the future on this matter if new information comes to light. 



So the Kukla Klan Kontroversy keeps getting weirder. 

We’ve had a couple different people email us or comment on our blog bringing up Rebecca Kukla’s social media history in addition to her hypocritical comments policy during her tenure as guest blogger at the philosophical blog Leiter Reports, in which she states “I do not publish nasty or ad hominem comments,” except the record actually shows she actually does publish such comments when she’s the one making them. 

Professor Kukla has also come out to defend her departmental colleague, political ally, and close friend Mark Lance who has reportedly been bullying untenured professors and students.  She has also gone on the record with a list of people and groups she “hates” (her word, not ours).

None of this is surprising. 

One just has to review her recent history of verbal abuse and sexually harassing comments in relation to the Swinburne speech in order to tell something strange is going on, and that whatever it is, it’s not pretty.

But now it seems we’ve found the smoking gun for why Kukla is filled with so much hate for people who think differently than her.   Here she is suggesting she has mental problems. 

First, if Kukla does indeed have psychological issues (we’re not doctors so we don’t know for sure that she does), then we feel truly sorry for her.  Whether her alleged issues are from chemical imbalances of the brain which can be regulated through prescription drugs, or caused by too much time spent in leftist philosophical echo chambers like the Philosophy Department, we hope she gets the professional medical help she needs.* 

As a tenured professor Rebecca Kukla makes a six-figure income and receives other compensation, including comprehensive health insurance.  We encourage her to take advantage of the resources available to a privileged woman such as herself and visit with a mental health counselor.  We’re not joking about that, nor on our thoughts that someone in a position of authority should at the very least check in with Kukla and evaluate her state of mind in order to determine whether or not it safe at the present time for her to be around students or even allowed on campus.  

Consider the facts: only two weeks ago she sexually harassed Catholics and others with who she disagrees on Catholic Church teaching by calling them "douche tankards" and publicly inviting them to perform oral sex on her while using very profane terms.

On that same thread her significant other made an actual rape joke involving the practice of "fisting," which, incredibly, shockingly, and inappropriately, Rebecca Kukla jokes about too, an act which only serves to normalize rape culture and harm sexual assault victims.  

When it came time to apologize, she stubbornly refused, and like the “manic-delusional” or “paranoid feministic” she says is descriptive of her, she lashed out at others (including us) with false, hysterical, and what were clearly paranoid accusations of people attacking her even though all people did was soberly and dispassionately report on the comments she and her fellow “philosophers” made in response to a sober and dispassionate speech by Christian moral philosopher Richard Swinburne.

In addition, Kukla made a lame and pathetic attempt at justifying her reprehensible actions, which had they been made by a male student or conservative professor, would have resulted in the hammer coming down and formal administrative reprimand by the University, not to mention condemnatory statements by various administrators, from the Chair of the Philosophy Department on up to the Dean of the College and the President of the Georgetown, as well as the heads of Campus Ministry, and the various identity group mafia organizations: the Women’s Center, the LGBTQ Resource Center, CMEA, etc.

Because of Kukla’s failure to take responsibility for her actions or own her words, along with her decision to falsely accuse people of starting a harassment campaign, she has only fanned the flames of this controversy resulting in numerous other outlets continuing to report on this story, though not it should be noted, The Hoya

Even though this story has received national media attention, the editors and writers of The Hoya have chosen to maintain complete silence and keep everyone uniformed about it.  

Instead The Hoya has chosen to write stories about the opening of Planned Parenthood's national headquarters with its onsite abortion clinic, something which has nothing to do with Georgetown, the MPD release of footage regarding a recent police shooting, something which also has nothing to do with Georgetown, and the release of Apple's Series 2 iWatch, which, you guessed it, has nothing to do with Georgetown.

It's almost as if The Hoya doesn't want you to know what's happening at Georgetown.

We suspect it's because they consider themselves to be members of good standing in the Ku Kla Klan and want to protect Professor Kukla and other liberal professors from revelations exposing their abusive and sexually harassing rhetoric.  Clearly The Hoya (like the mainstream media) has a strict policy against reporting on bad behavior when the victims are members of the right and the perpetrators are liberals. 

For a sample of the reporting and commentary done by others, please see . . .

Here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here

It was the above sources (not us) which have unearthed additional evidence of Kukla’s possible instability and and unequivocal unsuitability when it comes to being a professor at a place like Georgetown where the mission statement and faculty handbook requires professors to treat others with dignity and respect.  One would not be wrong to say she has a long history of coming across as a terrible human being. 

Among the other data points:

Kukla wishing a university president she’s never met lies awake in bed at night hating himself because she hates him (her word again, not ours) and thinks everyone else should hate him too, just because she disagrees with his administrative policies.

Kukla defending the reported bullying of students and untenured professors within the Philosophy Department by her friend (and fellow radical leftist) Professor Mark Lance.

Kukla saying she hates (her word, not ours) religion, Israel, Republicans, and people who live in suburbs. 

Kukla likening President Reagan to a Nazi and saying he's guilty of a Gay Holocaust.

Kukla questioning why a “white dude” philosopher she thinks is “bat shit incompetent” is allowed to have a job and not be fired solely because she didn't like a paper he published in a prestigious academic journal on the universality of logic.

Kukla calling another professor a “monster” for doing the very same thing she does, which is inappropriately invite others to have sex her.

We suspect there is more.  Anyone reading is free to email us additional examples and we’ll update this post if they do.

As we said last week, it makes sense in light of all that’s happened recently for people to boycott the Philosophy Department.  Don’t take any courses other than those you need to fulfill requirements.  Email or talk to us and we’ll let you know who is worth taking and who isn’t; we don’t want to out a professor who will then be targeted by Ku Kla Klan members in the department, especially since we don’t know if they have tenure or not.

The fact is if you spend too much time in the department you risk being subject to sexual harassment and bullying.  We have proof of the former with Kukla’s public Facebook statements and allegations of the latter based on statements untenured faculty and students within the department have given to the Leiter Reports blog.

Why the administration has done nothing to ensure the Philosophy Department is a place of respectful discourse and free of harassment from professors in light of these revelations is both a mystery and inexcusable.  At the very least an investigation should be opened and Professors Kukla and Lance should be warned against retaliation and further bullying or engaging in additional sexually derogatory rhetoric towards others just because they don’t share their radical leftist politics.  Refusal to do so may be considered a violation of Title IX. 

And if you’re alumni, please reconsider donating to Georgetown.  That the University won’t even speak out against sexually abusive language and bullying by professors which specifically targets libertarians, conservatives, and religious students, is reason enough for anyone who cares about intellectual freedom and human dignity to stop sending in money. 

But of course there is more.

Not only has Georgetown started funding a pro-abortion club once again, but it also has made attempts to restrict the free speech rights of conservative organizations, such as the College Republicans, and it has foisted a two course “diversity” requirement on new students in order to indoctrinate everyone with leftist politics and better secure the jobs of liberal professors in grievance industry departments.

Even more troubling is a professor who has been teaching for over two decades has revealed in a Wall Street Journal opinion piece that when it comes to hiring professors who are known conservatives or who have received funding from right-leaning organizations, Georgetown’s liberal faculty actively discriminates against them

According to the professor, this includes hiring committees stating at the outset of the faculty search that no one known to be a libertarian or conservative may be considered for the position, making last minute changes to the hiring criteria when the best qualified candidates to the original notice end up being non-liberals, and dismissing candidates from contention simply because they have known associations to libertarian or conservative institutions on their resumes.

When one considers the systemic institutional discrimination liberals in control of Georgetown’s faculty and administration display towards anyone on the right, it is incredibly stupid for alumni to reward the school with donations or for libertarian and conservative students to take courses in places like the philosophy department.    

*If Rebecca Kukla is joking about mental illness, then shame on her.  Millions of people around the world and many student and employees at Georgetown suffer from the problem and don't need people like Kukla making fun of them or engaging in comedy about what is actually a really serious issue.  If she is mentally ill we encourage her to get help.  If she's not, then she should apologize, ask for forgiveness, and stop making jokes about it.