Questions for Intelligent Hoyas (3/4)

Asking questions is a rhetorical device to get people thinking.  They are an easy way to make a point with having to actually make the point. 

Here are a few we have for your consideration. 

We doubt anyone on the left will bother to answer them either in The VoiceThe Hoya, much less our comments section, though we won’t be surprised if they accuse those asking or discussing these questions of being all the -ists and -ics and -obics they can muster.

All this week we’ll be asking questions.  We’ll have a special announcement on Friday.

Feel free to ask more questions in the comments.


  1. Last year the winning GUSA campaign received only 15% of votes from the studentry in the first round of voting, and only 18% of the votes from the studentry in the final round.  These are historically low numbers.  Turnout for the GUSA Executive election was 33%.  How can GUSA claim to be relevant and truly represent the studentry when two-thirds of students don’t seem to care enough about GUSA to spend the sixty seconds it takes to log-in and vote or when less than 1 in 5 students actually voted for the winning presidential ticket?
  2. A Chicken Madness sandwich got elected to GUSA in the most recent election.  In the same Senate elections last year, a guy whose roommates as a joke ran him for office unbeknownst to him actually won a seat and served out his term.  Our last GUSA Executive prior to the current one was a satirical ticket that didn’t campaign on a single issue.  And in the most recent GUSA Executive election there was essentially only one ticket besides the Hot Chick/Chicken Madness ticket which placed second, though in the last few days before voting began a third ticket consisting of friends of Crenushe entered in order to split the Hot Chick/Chicken Madness vote and ensure Hitler’s candidates would win.  Considering how for each of the last three years in a row joke tickets have been elected to GUSA (one to the Executive, two in the Senate) and the fact there was only one legitimate ticket last year, why should anyone take GUSA seriously anymore? 


  1. People complain about costumes others wear saying they’re insensitive, racist, indicative of cultural appropriation, and constitute microaggressions.  Halloween, which originated in Britain and Ireland, is a Celtic harvest festival originally known as Samhain.  It is historically celebrated only by those of European descent.  So if you’re not of European descent and are celebrating Halloween aren’t you being insensitive, racist, guilty of cultural appropriation and engaging in microaggressions against people of European descent?  And if you do celebrate Halloween and you’re not of Celtic or European descent, but are Asian or Latino or black or Arab or Native American, and you still insist on complaining about what costumes other people wear, aren’t you acting like a huge hypocrite because you’re also appropriating cultural practices which are not your own?


  1. If white people and white nations are so racist and racism the worst thing in the world, then why do so many non-white people risk their lives to immigrate to majority white places like America and Europe?  And why don’t non-white minorities in America and Europe migrate to places where they are the majority?  Is it that the quality is life and government in historically white majority places like America and Europe is generally and substantively better than in places where the government isn’t majority white? 
  2. If white people in general and Georgetown in specific owe reparations for slavery, then don’t black people also owe reparations to each other since slavery originated with black people enslaving each other in Africa and since black people in America also owned slaves?  And since it was the winners of African tribal wars who originally enslaved their own people and sold off the ones they didn’t keep for themselves to white European slave traders, shouldn’t we hold modern African nations accountable for reparations?  (FACT: the vast majority of slaves brought to America in slave ships were at the time already enslaved by their fellow Africans).
  3. Many people don’t know the white slave trade existed.  Many whites were enslaved in Africa and the Middle East as a result of being shipwrecked on the African coast or captured by African and Arab pirates (and the Ottomans), some of whom also made trips to European countries solely for the purposes of kidnapping and enslaving white people.  Of course, Europeans also enslaved other Europeans, because every civilization in history, regardless of race, has enslaved both their own and others.  Many people also don’t know that far more African slaves were sent to Arab and Islamic countries in the Middle East than the United States, though black people owning other black people in Africa far exceeded black slavery by non-blacks everywhere else, and that slavery continues to exist in African countries.  Another fact: nearly all the African slaves transported to the Americas went not to the United States, but instead Central American, Caribbean, and South American countries.  Mexico, for instance, received up to 500,000 slaves whereas the United States received 388,000, according to Harvard historian Henry Louis Gates.  Considering these facts, shouldn’t white people be receiving reparations from blacks and Arabs and Turks for the past enslavement of whites, and shouldn't blacks receive reparations from Latinos and Arabs and Turks and rich blacks, in addition to those they are already receiving from whites?  And at the very least, shouldn’t the residents of Casa Latina apologize to the residents of The Black House?  After all, though there were non-black slaves in Africa, they were white, and there were never any instances of blacks enslaving Latinos.
  4. If modern white people owe reparations to modern black people and other people of color for crimes and injustices committed against non-whites in the past, do modern black people and other people of color owe reparations to modern white people for injustices and crimes committed against whites today?  Department of Justice statistics indicate that while most crime is committed within racial groups, there is a vast disparity in who commits interracial crime.  For instance, according to the DOJ’s National Crime Victimization Survey, when it comes to black/white crime, blacks are the attackers in 84.9 percent of the violent crimes involving blacks and whites, and when it comes to black/Hispanic crime, blacks are attackers 82.5 percent of the time, while Hispanics are attackers only 17.5 percent of the time. (If these numbers upset you, don’t blame us.  They come from the Obama administration’s Department of Justice.  We’re simply reporting them.)  Now, considering these facts, should we now hold all blacks accountable for current injustices committed by blacks against whites in the same way many blacks (and admittedly, many whites) want to hold all white people accountable for past injustices committed against blacks?  Or should we recognize, say, that law-abiding black people aren't responsible for the crimes committed by blacks today any more than white people are responsible for what some white guy did 200 years ago? 
  5. If it’s okay to be proud to be black, proud to be Latino, proud to be LGBTQ, proud to be Asian, proud to Muslim, proud to be Arab, or proud to be a woman, why isn’t it equally okay to be proud to be white or proud to be a man?
  6. If race doesn’t exist and is just a social construct, then why do liberals and others in the identity group mafia who are desperate for victimhood always use race as justification to extract more resources for themselves?  If we’re all one race shouldn’t economic status and not skin color be the defining criteria for things like affirmative action and similar programs?  Or does race actually exist, and aren't the people who deny it exists being hypocrites and two-faced about the concept whenever it serves their interests and can be used as a tool to gather more financial resources and political power?
  7. If women have a duty to support fellow women, and blacks have a duty to support fellow blacks, and Latinos have a duty to support fellow Latinos, and homosexuals have a duty to support fellow homosexuals, and Muslims have a duty to support Muslims, and immigrants have a duty to support fellow immigrants, don't men have a duty to support other men, and don't whites have a duty to support other whites?  Or do we all have a duty to support each other equally, because we're all fellow human beings, regardless of identity group?

If there are some questions you think we should ask but haven't, let us know.