Questions for Intelligent Hoyas (4/4)

Asking questions is a rhetorical device to get people thinking.  They are an easy way to make a point with having to actually make the point. 

Here are some for your consideration. 

We doubt anyone on the left will bother to answer them either in The VoiceThe Hoya, much less our comments section, though we won’t be surprised if they accuse those asking or discussing these questions of being all the -ists and -ics and -obics they can muster.

Feel free to ask more questions in the comments.

University Finances

  1. The two most recent publicly available tax returns for Georgetown show President DeGioia made a combined income of $2.2 million for the 2012 and 2013 filing periods.  John Thompson III made a combined income of almost $6 million during the same time.  The returns are here and here.  The 2014-2016 returns have not been made public.  This past summer everyone was surprised to learn with no advance warning that this year’s tuition bill increased 4% and afterwards the University announced tuition would increase 4% every year for the next four, despite having already increased 18% over the last four years.  The cost of a Georgetown education is now $300K.  The combined total income for Georgetown’s top ten employees was over $18 million for 2012 and 2013.  We suspect based on annual raises in salary it is between $20-25 million for the years 2016 and 2017.  Again, for only the top ten highest-paid employees at Georgetown.  Now, is it fair for ten employees at a non-profit religious educational institution to be paid so many millions of dollars while a large number of students and their families struggle to pay $300,000 for a degree while simultaneously assuming tens of thousands of dollars of debt just to graduate?
  2. Georgetown is a Catholic university.  The Catholic Church is against abortion.  Yet Georgetown currently funds a pro-abortion club via the mandatory activities fee which pro-life students are unable to opt out of paying without punishment or having their diplomas withheld.  The money the University collects is stored in a University bank account controlled and disbursed by University administrators.  Is it appropriate for a Catholic institution like Georgetown to be funding pro-abortion groups like H*yas for Choice which works with America’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, in order to subsidize Planned Parenthood’s outreach efforts and abortion activities?
  3. Speaking of Catholic identity, last year the Cardinal Newman Society reported that despite October being Respect for Life month and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops calling on all Catholic institutions to celebrate it, Georgetown totally ignored the bishops and instead spent significant sums on “OUTober” and LGBTQ history month with a focus on celebrating and endorsing transgenderism.  A total of 31 different campus offices, academic departments, and clubs signed on, including Campus Ministry, the Theology Department, and the Office of the President.  As a religious educational institution that is Catholic, doesn’t Georgetown have a responsibility to its Catholic donors (both present and historical) to remain faithful to and respectful of Church teaching and ensure the money isn’t spent in a manner hostile to Catholicism or which degrades Georgetown’s Catholic identity?
  4. The aforementioned mandatory student activity fee collected by the University and distributed by GUSA and the funding boards belongs to the studentry.  So shouldn’t students decide where their money goes and not GUSA, which can’t even get more than 1/3 of students to vote in elections?  We have the technology so why not allow the funds to be distributed via direct democracy so everyone can allocate their portion of the funds to the clubs they choose?  Here’s a detailed plan.  For those against the proposal, is it that you do not trust the competency of your fellow Hoyas to determine where their own activities fee money should go?  Or is it you believe students shouldn't have a right to determine where their own money goes and instead should be allocated by a club in which satirical tickets, clueless friends, and chicken sandwiches get elected to office?
  5. Consider the following facts: 1) Georgetown now funds a pro-abortion club; 2) Georgetown spends hundreds of thousands each year on a LGBTQ Resource Center and programming celebrating transgenderism but ignores Respect of Life month; 3) Georgetown had an administrator in CSE threaten the College Republicans to suppress a video of a public speech on campus; 4) Georgetown remained silent over a Philosophy Professor taking part in a joke about raping Catholics and other religious people, in addition to verbally abusing them with sexually derogatory comments such as telling them to “. . . suck my giant queer cock!” all because said religious believe in Catholic teaching on the subject of homosexuality; 5) Georgetown’s top ten employees collectively pull $10-12.5 million in salary each year, while at the same time tuition increased 18% over the last four years, just increased 4% this year, and according to the University will increase 4% each for the next four; and 6) the cost of a Georgetown education is now $300,000 dollars.  In light of this information, why should anyone donate money to Georgetown ever again?  It seems clear that if you’re a libertarian or conservative or religious person, Georgetown is hostile to you and doesn’t have a problem with suppressing you or your ideas while promoting those that are liberal, meaning your money does the same.  And regardless of your political or philosophical leanings, it seems clear Georgetown is allowing administrative fat cats get rich off tuition dollars and alumni donations while saddling with tens of thousands of dollars worth of debt the people it is supposed to help the most: students.  So seriously, why should anyone give money to Georgetown ever again?

This concludes our set of questions, but like we say up top, there are more we could ask and we encourage you to do so in the comments. 

Feel free to let us know if you have any more.

And tomorrow, a special announcement.