The Kukla Klan Kontroversy

Triggered because of the headline? 

Then you should blame Professor Kukla.  Her hateful comments started it all. 

We’re making the analogy to the KKK for a very simple reason.  The KKK is filled with intolerant, racist bigots.  The Kukla Klan, (i.e. those defending Kukla for her creepy and somewhat rapey sexually derogatory remarks towards those she disagrees with regarding Catholic moral teaching), is also filled with intolerant people, though they happen to be "progressive" left-wing anti-Catholic bigots. 

They’re two sides of the same coin. 

Note: We didn't come up with the Kukla Klan thing ourselves.  It's first discussed on Rod Dreher's blog here and to be clear he refers to them as the "Kukla Clan," not Kukla Klan, which is our own innovation.

Someone even contributed a poem.  

We're guessing the term “Kukla Klan” will soon be an internet meme to refer to a "mob of politically correct academics." 



On Friday we posted the story of Georgetown’s very own Rebecca Kukla who last week stated on Facebook that those who disagree with her about things should suck her “giant queer cock.”

Here’s the full exchange:

It was later pointed out to us that the fisting comments may be considered rape jokes.

Professor Kukla participated further in the exchange regarding the act of fisting . . . 


Kukla’s comments were directed at Christian philosopher Richard Swinburne (and his defenders) who during a speech at a recent conference for the Society for Christian Philosophers basically restated Catholic moral teaching on the subject of homosexuality.  His comments weren’t anything new or different from what one would see or hear if they simply sat down and read or started speaking to someone who had studied the Bible.  And Swinburne’s speech was not hateful or insulting or said in anger.  One might say they were both “sober” and “dispassionate.”

You can read his whole speech here.

But because thinking differently than Social Justice Warriors like Professor Kukla is considered a thought crime and therefore worthy of both ridicule and severe punishment in many academic circles, a great deal of wailing and gnashing of teeth commenced, resulting in numerous attacks by people like Kukla and her fellow radical left-wing philosophers. 

These insults took the forms of swearing and other verbal abuse, in addition to what can only be termed sexual harassment, such as Kukla’s invitation for those who either defend or agree with Professor Swinburne to perform oral sex on her.  One individual, right before Professor Kukla made her offensive comments, even suggested, albeit jokingly (if such things should ever be considered jokes), that rape would be an appropriate response in order to punish the people Professor Kukla hates.  

As an afterthought we looked to see if Kukla had “liked” that comment as some of her colleagues did, but the person whose Facebook page it is has since deleted his account.  We’ve emailed her for clarification but she has not yet responded to our request.  

In addition to teaching in the philosophy department, Kukla is a Senior Researcher at Georgetown’s Kennedy Institute of Ethics (that’s right, ethics), and Editor-in-Chief of the Kennedy Institute’s philosophical journal on . . . wait for it . . . ethics

The story was first reported on the philosophical blog “Rightly Considered,” which is written by a bunch of conservative-leaning philosophy professors and PhD students who for understandable reasons have decided, like us, to remain anonymous.  But we first heard of it from Rod Dreher who blogs over at The American Conservative and who covers the matter here and here (and now here where he name-checks and quotes extensively from TGA).  Others have since picked up the story and featured the controversy on their blogs, and both The Washington Times and the religious and philosophical journal First Things have covered the story

This past weekend we contacted Professor Kukla and Professor William Blattner, who is Chair of the Philosophy Department.  We suggested Kukla do the honorable thing and apologize and that if she did so we would put up a final blog post consisting of nothing but her apology.  We said too that we would then consider the matter closed and not address it any further. 

It seemed like a good way to end this affair.  After all, why shouldn’t Kukla apologize?  Her words are clearly a form of sexually demeaning and abusive rhetoric (i.e. sexual harassment) directed toward those with traditional religious views (i.e. Catholics and social conservatives).

As we mentioned last week, if a conservative (or hell, even liberal) male professor in the philosophy department told a group of people to suck his cock, just like Kukla did to Christians and Catholics and social conservatives, wouldn’t he then be forced to apologize no matter the circumstances? 

We all know he would, in addition to being subject to some form of discipline, along with receiving condemnatory statements from Professor Blattner and others in the University administration, on up to the University President. 

And we think such a response would be entirely justified because making sexually harassing comments IS NOT OKAY and abusive behavior such as Kukla’s should not be permitted within the Georgetown community, no matter who you are or whatever happens to be your gender or sexual orientation.  

So wouldn’t it be appropriate, in the interest of fairness, equality, and respect for others, and keeping in tradition with Georgetown’s mission and its Catholic and Jesuit heritage, for the University to make a formal statement that it disavows Kukla’s sexually demeaning rhetoric? 

It’s worth noting that today The Hoya reports someone wrote “KKK” and drew a Nazi sign in a bathroom in the Medical Center (note to GUPD: here are your suspects).  GUPD has opened an investigation and Executive Dean of the School of Medicine Edward B. Healton made an appropriate and forceful public statement about it, saying “This hateful action will not be tolerated . . . [w]e are a community that is welcoming to all people and that values understanding, dignity, inclusion and respect.”

Georgetown Director for Jewish Life Rabbi Rachel Gartner also commented. 

Both Dean Healton and Rabbi Gartner did the right thing in speaking out against such hate speech.  It is a shame no one except us is willing to do so when similar hate speech targets Catholics or conservatives.

Now if some moron scrawling on the walls of a bathroom elicits such condemnation, shouldn’t an actual, live human being who is a Georgetown employee and is sexually harassing people on the internet, receive similar censure?

Apparently the University disagrees. 

Despite our requests for comment from the Office of the President, the Dean of the College, the Chair of the Philosophy Department, the Rector of the Jesuit Community, and Professor Kukla, we have been ignored.

This is a shame, because it suggests sexually demeaning rhetoric and verbal abuse is acceptable at Georgetown, so long as those engaged in such behavior are left-wing feminist professors and their victims are Catholics and conservatives.  


We’ll have more tomorrow.  Stay tuned . . . 

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