Bravo to GU Right to Life

Last semester we reported on how even though it was national Respect for Life month and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops put out a call for all Church institutions to celebrate it, Georgetown University remained suspiciously silent.  

The University had no problem, however, promoting during the same time period LGBTQ History Month to the point where 31 different campus offices, departments, programs, and clubs, including the Office of the President, Campus Ministry, and the Department of Theology, signed on as co-sponsors for a variety of events led and organized by Georgetown's LGBTQ Resource Center, which this year focused on celebrating the transgender lifestyle.

Two Friday's ago the annual March for Life occurred on the mall and afterwards, at least since 2000, Georgetown students, primarily in Right to Life, have held the Cardinal O'Connor Conference on Life, the nation's largest student-led pro-life conference.  Each year they do so without Georgetown University sponsorship.  

Unfortunately this year the conference was canceled due to Winter Storm Jonas.  

What's notable though is that despite abortion and the protection of the unborn being a major issue for the Catholic Church, and Georgetown being a Catholic University, the University not only failed to promote the march or O'Connor conference, but refused to give students an excused absence for attending the march.  

Georgetown has no problem, however, sending students to other states to attend five-day LGBTQ conferences, or even sponsoring such conferences, including the annual DC LGBTQA Student Conference, which according to its description on Georgetown's website, is for "lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and queer, and also the innumerable additional identities and statuses of sex/sexuality/gender variation such as femme, pansexual, two spirit, intersex, bi-gender, demiwoman, non-binary, asexual, and other identities," and is about promoting LGBTQ activism.

Now we wouldn't have mentioned any of this except yesterday the Cardinal Newman Society's Catholic Education Daily published another report on Georgetown's problems when it comes to maintaining its Catholic identity.

Most surprising was how a certain member of the Georgetown family responded to one student publishing a pro-life piece in The Hoya.  

According to the report . . . 

When [student Michael] Khan wrote a pro-life article for the University newspaper The Hoya last September, he experienced similar reactions from faculty, the most vocal of which came from a Catholic religious sister.
“The biggest pushback from faculty that I received for that article came from a Catholic sister — I kid you not — who argued against abolishing abortion by law and objected to aspects of Church teaching on abortion,” he said. “While the dissent was totally respectful, the episode reminded me of the work that still needs to be done, even at Catholic universities like Georgetown, to fully convey the importance of a consistent life ethic.”
The faculty pushback is disappointing, Khan noted, because theology classes should be excellent ways to gain knowledge about Church teaching. “Unfortunately, in some classes with certain professors, I know that many students feel too intimidated to share their pro-life views for fear of repercussion by professors who are not at all sympathetic to either the pro-life or Catholic message,” Khan explained.

The piece goes on to note how Hoyas are developing their own programming absent University help and a mostly unsupportive faculty, though the article does note there are some who are supportive.    

The whole piece is worth reading in full.