Breaking: Two Chicks, One Georgetown

Look out Enushe and Chris, a new ticket is in the race.  

One that can actually win if GUSA election officials aren't corrupt and actually allow the voice of the studentry to be heard and are willing to tally write-in ballots as opposed to disenfranchising the voters who participate.  

And they should count the write-ins.  Why?

Because all votes matter!

We'll be issuing our endorsement next week, only now is it looks like we actually have a choice to make . . . 

Enushe and Chris have each been planning individually since last year to run for the GUSA Executive and figured the power of their organizing and their connections would be sufficient to beat or dissuade all the other tickets.  

Except each other. 

Using a bit of game theory, they decided that instead of going their own separate way, it was worth joining forces and that for each of them having Vice President on the resume was better than nothing.  The only thing they couldn't figure out was who should be President since they both wanted the title.  So they flipped a coin and that's how we ended up with Enushe in the lead.  A bit more spin and it would have been Chris leading the ticket.  (None of this was reported in The Hoya or The Voice, but we have insider info on this and a hell of a lot of other things . . . you should see some of the emails).  

BTW, what does this tell you about their characters?  If they both thought they were the best candidate, then they would have each led a ticket, right?  But instead they each made a crass political decision OVER A GUSA ELECTION and decided it was more important for each of them to secure yet another title for the resume.  Then they came up with the "inclusive" tag line to show they were politically correct and started promising everything to everyone and their mother.

As we noted a few days ago . . . 

We haven't counted the number of proposals on their website, but they have 23 different policy areas listed and we chose at random three of them, then counted a total of 61 proposals in just those few areas. Based on that sample, it looks like they have between 400-500 separate proposals and initiatives they want to accomplish, a clear indication they're over-promising and attempting to be everything to everyone.

While being inclusive and having a comprehensive policy platform is something we can get behind, Enushe and Chris clearly went overboard to the point where they're appearing disingenuous and showing that because they stand for everything, they ultimately stand for nothing, which people with principles, regardless of ideology, shouldn't like at all.

One question Enushe and Chris should answer is what position they'll take when all the groups under the "inclusivity" banner start fighting with each other.  Por ejemplo, what happens when the social justice warriors start restricting speech on campus because they disagree with the views of others?  Enushe and Chris talk a good game about being pro-free speech, but then they're catering to the groups who we all know have made the biggest attacks on freedom of expression at Georgetown.  

And in a world of limited resources, what takes priority?  They've literally taken every issue talked about in the last few years and addressed it by promising things to everyone. It's like they went through the archives of The Hoya and registered every single complaint made about Georgetown and then came up with a policy or initiative in response.   The fact is there are only a few things GUSA Executives are able to accomplish during their year in office, but it's like Enushe and Chris think students are stupid and so they're promising the world and hoping we won't notice the impossibility of achieving all they're promising.

Anyways, we'll decide who we'll endorse later, but for now, we know a few things.

First, it's good to have Hot Chick and Chicken Madness in the race.

Second, Hot Chick and Chicken Madness have never lied to us (assuming the aforementioned Hot Chick is a poulet and not an actual female human).  

Third, unlike Enushe and Chris who are GUSA drones and typical politicos, a Hot Chick and Chicken Madness are the outsider candidates who represent all of Georgetown and the Two Chicks, One Georgetown ticket is something every student can get behind.  They're like Trump and Bernie Sanders on same ticket.  Enushe and Chris are the establishment, like Hillary Clinton and a Jeb Bush who makes funny faces. 

Finally, even if you vote for the Two Chicks, One Georgetown ticket, both Enushe and Chris will be in charge.  But you'll have sent another message to GUSAnos, not unlike the one sent last year with the Luther-Rohan ticket.  The fact is GUSA is a joke.  It's why a satirical ticket got elected last year.  It's why only one ticket is running this year.  And it's probably why you should vote for a Chicken Madness instead of Enushe and Chris.

The Two Chicks, One Georgetown FB page is here, and you can also go here for more info on them.