Election Upset?

That's what we're hearing.  We'll find out Sunday.

Also, just in:

At 3:30 in Leavey Program room is an emergency GUSA meeting open to the public. They're going to discuss Hot Chick and Chicken Madness and whether or not votes count. We think Hot Chick and Chicken Madness won but that they're going to attempt to invalidate the election. Spread the word and get everyone you know to show up and demand the vote of the people count!
Attendance is key!

Whatever happens, the GUSA election commission MUST RELEASE the full data set so the votes can be examined by outside observers so this election is not stolen.

Furthermore, the intent matters.  If someone obviously voted for Hot Chick & Chicken Madness, then their vote MUST COUNT even if there is a formatting or spelling error.