A "Plethora" of Microaggressions

Steve Sailer has a great post examining how race hustlers at elite schools like Georgetown are desperately trying to rig the game (special hiring preferences plus expanding the number of diversity-related programs and job openings) and self-promote themselves into paid diversicrat positions on campus (via behaving like professional victims and activists) so they’ll never have to leave or find real employment.  

He does so by commenting on a recent piece by Henry Louis Gates at Harvard who laments "society's plethora of microaggressions," which as we all know, is when people ask questions like "Where are you from?" and don't immediately step out of the way and bow their head in reverence when a person of color walks past them on the sidewalk.

Be sure to read it.  He also attached the following video.  It's one GIANT microaggression.

"El Guapo only kills men.  He does not kill crying women."