The GUSA Election

The GUSA campaign began at the stroke of midnight.  So far only one campaign seems to have their act together.  The other campaign, not so much.  The Hoya has its report.

Let's face it: this is pretty much a one-sided race and we know who is going to win.  When your entire ticket is out of town and your campaign managers "evidently forgot about campaigning" and you have to email The Hoya that you're "looking forward to re-energizing them," into getting things started soon, then you might as well save yourself some time and give it up.  Try finding a good summer internship instead.  This ain't like the sort of election where you've got space to roll things out.  There are only two weeks, which means you need to hit the ground running.

As for Enushe & Chris, they're typical GUSA drones and politicos.  We haven't counted the number of proposals on their website, but they have 23 different policy areas listed and we chose at random three of them, then counted a total of 61 proposals in just those few areas. Based on that sample, it looks like they have between 400-500 separate proposals and initiatives they want to accomplish, a clear indication they're over-promising and attempting to be everything to everyone.  If their opponents are looking to be taken seriously after a poor start, they may want to consider focusing on just a few important things that are actually feasible instead of promising the world.

Enushe & Chris are saying though that they'll be cool on free speech, which would be a refreshing change from the last two administrations, which have been either silent or hypocritical on the issue.  That's a matter near and dear to our hearts and is one of the primary reasons we started up last year.  Sadly, they've also bought into the "diversity" scam and grievance industrial complex.  

Oh well, can't win them all.