Georgetown Now Costs $300,000

Apparently The Hoya, which is owned by the Georgetown administration and often serves as its mouthpiece, censored from its comments page the below piece which we received earlier today.

The Georgetown Academy revived last year in direct response to similar attacks against free speech on the Hilltop, both from administrators threatening conservative students and liberal Social Justice Warriors wishing to suppress or attack those who they think aren’t politically correct, so we’re glad to publish it here and invite anyone who The Hoya refuses to publish to get in contact with us as we’re always happy to consider unpublished work for our own pages so long as it relates to Georgetown. 

And if you have been or in the future are published by The Hoya but your work disappears down The Hoya’s Orwellian Memory Hole either because of the paper’s history of liberal bias or because some group with influence doesn’t like it, which is something that also happened last year, then let us know and we’ll republish it here in full, no questions asked, and regardless of whether we agree with it or not.

The piece below written by “Anonymous” is a response to this story from a few days ago in which it was announced Georgetown is increasing tuition by 4% for this year and for the next four.  The article notes that since 2012 tuition has increased 18%.  One of the few non-liberals we know on The Hoya staff wrote it and there is even a nice graphic . . .

                                                                                                             Via The Hoya

                                                                                                             Via The Hoya

Yesterday sophomore Claire Goldberg also wrote an impressive op-ed questioning, (in a way GUSA or The Hoya never does), why Georgetown’s administration keeps increasing tuition yet easily drops $62 million on things like a brand new athletics facility “that will be almost exclusively used by varsity athletes – who make up 10 percent of the student population.”  

Unfortunately she failed to mention the fact President Jack DeGioia makes over a million each year and has for some time ($1.3 million in 2014 alone) and is one of the highest paid University presidents in the nation, or that our basketball coach rakes in about $2 million each year even though last time we made it to the Regionals or Final Four was a decade ago.  Let’s not forget our tenured professors all make six figure incomes, and some administrators pull close to a quarter million in salary just for pushing paper. 

She could also have mentioned President DeGioia’s annual trip to Davos for the World Economic Forum (one of the many international locales he jet sets to because it’s obviously in the best interests of students for him to do so) or the millions upon millions of dollars we spend each year on the diversity scam via grievance industry programming and salaries in order to placate the various identity groups playing the Oppression Olympics and whose main goal in life is apparently to win cash and prizes for being crowned “The Hilltop’s Biggest Victim.”

Anyways, Goldberg went on to note that last year’s tuition increase led to a budget surplus of $20 million and that Georgetown’s “For Generations to Come” fundraising campaign which ended in June exceeded expectations, garnering an additional $170 million on top of the $1.5 billion it already raised.  And that’s without mentioning the University managed to skip out last year on $9 million in property taxes, according to The Washington Post.

In other words, Georgetown is apparently starting off this year with $200 million more than it expected.   

So, one wonders, why do we need a tuition increase of 4% every year for the next four, especially since tuition increased 18% over the last four? 

Did the quality of education increase 18% since 2012? 

Will the quality of education at Georgetown increase by 4% each year between the time a freshman arrives later this month and the time they graduate?

Probably not.

And we assume too that despite this being an important issue, one we’ve repeatedly mentioned and even quizzed GUSA candidates about earlier this year, there will be no mobilization of the studentry or rallies or sit-ins or in-depth journalistic investigations about where all that money goes. 

Furthermore, GUSA will continue, as the writer below correctly states, to “shill” for the administration, instead of representing student interests.

The reason nothing will be done is, we suspect, that those in the middle class who tuition increases will hurt the most are too busy working or studying so they can get well-paying jobs to pay off their massive student loan debts once they graduate.

Meanwhile, those with the time on their hands will be more concerned with moral posturing and showing how liberal and tolerant and open-minded they are than the rest of us. 

Instead of focusing on astronomical tuition, they’ll concentrate instead on shaming and threatening others who think differently than them while agitating for more handouts and advocating for things like changing the name of a building because apparently some students are so weak that they are mentally traumatized by a name on a building

They’ll also be figuring out ways to prevent a libertarian or conservative speaker from coming to campus lest a feminist or fragile liberal be triggered and forced to retreat to a “safe space,” though if someone does slip through, they’ll be sure to protest, get The Hoya to write a biased editorial misrepresenting what was actually said at the speech, and will attempt to get some CSE hacks in the administration to threaten them.

Anyways, here’s the piece The Hoya censored . . .



Censored Comment from The Hoya on Georgetown’s Tuition Increase

By Anonymous

Serious question: when did the GUSA Executive become shills for Healy?

Really, it would be nice to know.

I understand it's too much to ask Enushe to do her job because she's busy making money for Goldman Sachs in NYC instead of being on-campus this summer like she's supposed to be according to GUSA by-laws, but shouldn't Chris or at least one of the several hundred GUSA reps and staff members inflating their resumes with fancy titles realize that IT IS GUSA's DAMN JOB to represent student interests before the administration, and not the other way around? 

Instead of what we currently have, which is Chris putting a positive spin and selling out everyone who pays tuition and who is taking on student loans in order to promote yet another tuition increase, shouldn't GUSA be trying to STOP or at the very least SLOW the incessant tuition increases?  Or are they doing the administration's bidding because they want that letter of recommendation from DeGioia for the Harvard app?

So they raised tuition 4.3% last year, and will do it at 4% this year, and have committed to raising it 4% each year for the next four years.  Tuition for 2016-2017 is now $49,968 and with room & board total cost of attending Georgetown is $66,296, according to The Hoya, though if you look at the Office of Financial Services website the total cost inclusive of fees and expenses (i.e. books, loan fees, class fees, Yates, etc.) is $69,770. 


Let's do the math for someone graduating in 2020.  We’ll use the OFS numbers because they’re official and we'll assume room & board go up 4% as well.  It's fair to do so due to inflation, cost of living increases, and the fact that the University has no reason not to increase prices on things you’re required to pay but which don’t fall under “tuition.” 

So, here's how it works out with annual 4% increases . . . 

Freshman Year: $69,770

Sophomore Year: $72,561

Junior Year: 75,463

Senior Year: 78,482

Total cost of for years at GU for incoming freshmen: $296,275.  Throw in some unexpected expenses or travel (the OFS numbers low-ball it at $650 a year which only works if you live close and don’t plan on going home for Christmas), and you’re easily over $300K. 

This is crazy, people. 

Just imagine the debt the rich kids and the affirmative action scholarship kids won't have, but which will squeeze everyone in the middle or who can't get a special grants or scholarship funding.  This is what's known as indentured servitude, folks. 

If you're taking out loans, you better be in the business school, nursing, or SFS, and you better be majoring in something that will make you money when you graduate.  Otherwise you’re going to have that debt yoked around your neck for a long, long time.

Someone explain to me again how Georgetown is a non-profit educational institution dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and service to others but not a cash cow that enriches its own employees at the expense of students, parents, and the American taxpayers who fund all the loans? 

I’m genuinely curious here. 

Right now I’m kicking myself for voting for Crenushe. 

Honestly, we might have been better off with two Wisemiller’s sandwiches.