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There are five great reasons to join The Georgetown Academy . . . 

First, we provide a platform for bringing either forgotten, rarely heard, or politically incorrect (read: libertarian/conservative/objectivist) ideas to today's campus, meaning you'll be able to shape student, alumni, faculty, and administration discussions at Georgetown while advancing your views.  

Second, when a print edition is published, we distribute directly to all the dorms and faculty offices, in addition to locations where you're likely to find other student publications.  We also distribute at select alumni events and the annual meeting of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops.  And then there's our website and social media presence.  This means your writing will be widely seen and commented upon.

Third, if you're interested in working in the libertarian or conservative establishment after graduation, then there's no better organization to be a part of during your time on the Hilltop.  Our advisory board has decades worth of writing, public relations, and other work experience in these movements, not to mention numerous professional and personal contacts.  We have similar relationships in the Catholic intellectual and activist communities.  Not only will you improve your writing and sharpen your ability to think by being part of TGA, but you'll also develop valuable leadership skills and organizational management experience that will be useful after you graduate.  When you combine this training with our network and Georgetown's location in Washington, D.C., you'll be well-positioned when it comes to finding work in the libertarian and conservative intellectual and political movements after graduation.

Fourth, the infrastructure is in place and funding is available to publish a year's worth of issues.  We have a known brand and proud history, an archive of great writing on which to draw, a template for our print editions, and a website that just needs to be filled with new content.  All anyone needs to do now is join up.

Fifth and finally, you'll have a great time doing it and will make some life-long friends. Being a part of TGA is like being part of a family.  Our network of alumni in D.C. and elsewhere have remained close over the years.  We all have a shared interest in what happens on the Hilltop out of a deep love and respect for Georgetown.  You'll not only find a group of dedicated Hoyas committed to helping advance libertarian, conservative, and pro-Catholic ideas at alma mater, but also a group of friends who will be there to help and mentor you in your own efforts, whether that involves TGA, or the world beyond.

So there you have it . . . 

When you think about it, if you're a libertarian, conservative, objectivist, or just pro-Catholic, then there's no reason not to join TGA to help defend and promote our shared values and ideas.  

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